Saturday, November 24, 2012

Idiot Watch

I took the week off from blogging because this is a slow time of year for politics and I was busy getting ready to host our sometimes annual Thanksgiving feast with the family. I bragged that I got thru the prep and Turkey Day itself without any knife wounds only to slice the middle finger of my left hand yesterday getting the leftovers ready. I haven't figured out how to blame this on the dog yet.

I'm not sure who the bigger idiots are when it comes to this early Black Friday shopping frenzy. The stores that open on Thanksgiving or the people who go out shopping in them. RTG has an account of the loss leader tactics of the Peoples Republic of China North American Retail Division (Walmart).

A Philadelphia area blogger started a site to trash Philly restaurants called Staph Meal  then branched out into creating Facebook pages that advocated the murder of Mitt Romney, DA Seth Williams and others.

His lawyer says it's satire: "The charges, in my opinion, violate the First Amendment," Long said. "This is free speech. It is parody and satire, all of which is protected under the First Amendment, which also protects offensive speech and vulgar speech. There were no serious threats that were ever communicated, no serious requests for any harm. In the context of all the comments that Mr. Albert made, none show an intent for any harm to anyone."

And we have some local geniuses.

TT: Officers soon had Johnson - who appeared intoxicated - in custody at the intersection of William Street and Rockwell Avenue. Schwartz identified him as the man he saw raiding his refrigerator and walking out of his house.  A search of the bags Johnson, of Scranton, had on him offered a glimpse of his menu at the William Street home: a bushel of clams, some crab legs, shrimp - most of which was already eaten - and an opened box of Reese's Klondike bars. He had thrown the bottle of coconut rum on the front lawn of the Williams Street residence but the bottle of Three Olives vanilla vodka was in another bag Johnson had on him, according to the complaint.

The food, alcohol and pack of Camel cigarettes in Johnson's pocket accounted for all of the items missing from Schwartz's home.

Pizza and piss

According to Plains Township police:
Police were dispatched around 8:08 p.m. to Mack and South River streets for a report of a vehicle that struck a stop sign and several concrete parking blocks. Upon arrival, police found an unoccupied Chevrolet Metro, partially blocking Mack Street. Police noticed about 100 feet of skid marks before the impact. An eyewitness told police the driver fled the car and started walking south on River Street, with a box of pizza. Police soon located Hall in a yard up the street, eating the pizza. Police said Hall appeared intoxicated and later flunked several field-sobriety tests. After resisting arrest, police say Hall was placed into custody and transported to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center for blood-alcohol testing. Hall refused testing, police said. Back at the police station, Hall continued to be "combative," police said. At one point, he urinated on himself and then on the floor of a holding cell, police said. Authorities then took Hall to jail for the night.

Thanks to  unindicted co-conspirator Michelle for help with this post.


Anonymous said...

During this slow time of year maybe people can tell me the difference between Rep Toohil improper use (we are assuming her because she wont explain how she paid for the trip to the Middle East) and Sen. Mellow improper use along what appears to be Congressman Jesse Jackson's improper use of campaign funds.
Im a bit puzzled at the press and other people who are quick to judge others. There is one local blogger who states they are out to expose ANY elected official that misuses their office.
Gives us something to talk about during this slow political time at least.

Gort said...

Write a guest post

Michelle HD said...

This post makes me smile.