Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The day after

I was up late so I feel like the guy pictured above.

The President was reelected and I have been reading some apocalyptic things on right wing blogs and Facebook. Relax people. We lived through 8 years of Bush and you will survive 8 years of Obama. The late Bob Novak once said something that has stuck with me. The President doesn't run the country, the people do. The economy will improve no matter who is President, it's called the business cycle. The Republicans should have won this election but they nominated a candidate that didn't believe in anything except he wanted to be President. Romney switched so many positions in so many elections you couldn't trust him. That and the steady stream of lies from his campaign. See Mitt's Mendacity Vol I thru XLI.

Pennsylvania made history by electing the first Democrat and woman as Attorney General.I hope she digs into Tom Corbett's handling of the Sandusky investigation.

Senator Bob Casey beat back the coal guy 54%-47%.  he spent a big chunk of his own  money on  a losing cause. Coal and Oil are not our future.

No surprises in the local races for Congress. Tom Marino won 2-1 and Matt Cartwright gathered 60% of the vote as predicted. Gene Stilp ran a fun campaign but you still need money to win. Lou Barletta will continue to defend us against the Barbarians at the Gate

The incumbent state house member were returned for another term.

The photos of Tarah Toohil probably helped her as we all have done things we are not proud of.  It was dirty pool by someone who wanted to hurt her but the Democratic candidate or party had nothing to do with it.She won 67% of the vote.

Rick Arnold got a late start and it wasn't enough to beat Jerry Mullery. Mullery improved his performance from 2010 winning 61%-39%.

The 120th HD race was near and dear to my heart. Phyllis Mundy has been a friend for some time and is my xxx favorite legislator. Aaron Kaufer became a pal and ran a great campaign that gave Phyllis the run of her political career. In the end Kaufer got more votes than any other challenger over the last 20 years but came up short. He will be back. Phyllis won 56-44 improving on the 53% she got last time.

Now the speculation begins about the 2016 Presidential candidates. I predict that Hillary won't be one of them because President Obama will appoint her to the Supreme Court.

On to the 2013 local elections. Walter Griffith is running for reelection as Luzerne County Controller and Bob Morgan may take him on again. Steve Urban is also making noise about a Controller run. Some seats on the Luzerne County Council will also be up.


Anonymous said...

Now that all the mud has been cleaned off the political walls, can we revert to the thought of one Mr. Rodney King, who asked, "Can't we all just get along"???

Anonymous said...

What part of the photos weren't accurate? Was there s gun to her head making her party or get on a camel?
Highest unemployment in 6years, people wish they could afford a day at Knobles and she gets a PAID trip to the middle east.
She had yet to explain how she paid for it. Why do you think the press isn't asking her to explain?
Or ad you posted thousands of dollars in questionable campaign expenditures, why does she get a pass?

Anonymous said...

"Barletta will continue to defend us against the Barbarians at the Gate"

I'm just hoping that Louie will pay attention to what he is voting for so he doesn't put Tobyhanna in jeopardy again.

Morgan against Griffith? This time I support Morgan. Griffith has not done his job, not even close to getting the county audits up to date and he is busy sticking his nose where it does not belong. Not sure if you heard about his last waste of time but he is insisting that the employees who were sent home and told not to come to work on Tuesday of the storm not get paid. I wonder what the hell he thinks about? The em ployees were told what to do and I understand they were instructed to leave and not go into work the next day in an effort to avoid problems for WB City as things were predicted to be really screwed up. Walter wants to punish the employees for what they were instructed to do. All he does is walk around looking to make waves when what he should be doing is his job.

As for the Middle East trip, I think it would be very interesting to learn who paid for it and in fact, I think the source of the payment should be forced to be revealed. I don't care if she goes on a trip and I don't care if she has a boy friend but I do care how and who paid for the trip.

Anonymous said...

The potential campaign problems for toohil are the same ones that out mellow in prison.
And using taxpayer paid employees and taxpayer bought equipment is what put deweese and perzel in prison.
So where is the press on reporting this?

McGruff said...

The Democratic Party didn't have anything to do with the attack against Tarah Toohil...?? Maybe check out someone who works in Eddy Day Pashinski's office. He had a hand in it pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Basic question. How was the trip paid for and explain the campaign finance ATM withdrawals along with gown rentals etc.
No one forced toohil to pose for the photos, did they? Only she is responsible and only she can answer the questions. Ms. Transparency.

Anonymous said...

I read it was a disgruntled ex boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Jack McGruff the crime dog. Put your money where your yap is and run for office. Otherwise sit & shut up.