Saturday, November 03, 2012

YouTube Weekend

The Simpsons has been on TV longer than Gunsmoke and it's still funny. This spot is better political satire than SNL has done in years.

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney



[Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns] Source:
Hello everyone, I have to say despite those unimaginably horribly good job numbers, me feeling pretty confident. Those drapes aren’t fit to hang in the Burns bedroom.

You mean the Lincoln bedroom?

For now. There’s only one thing that might deny us the Presidency is the God given property of the Republican Party.

The 47% take?


The embiture?


Cayman Islands?

Not a problem.

Swiss bank accounts?


$10,000 bet? I like to fire people. Forceable haircut? The tax return that Wesley Snipes would call suspicious?

No. No. No. And No. It’s a shaggy dog story about an actual shaggy dog. Apparently on vacation, old Mitt strapped his mutt to the roof of his car for a brief 650 mile jaunt. So tonight it will explain what truly happened why Mitt is once again a Mormon Minch. Release the hound. Now Seamus, what did you think about being strapped to the roof of your dadda’s car?


Stephen Albert said...

Thanks for posting a chuckle out of me.

Michelle HD said...

Rich showed me this a few days before you posted it. Good stuff.