Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

This a repost from 2 years ago.

I always joke that I expect a call from the White House on Veterans Day.

I understand why the last occupant of the place never called since he didn't give a shit about the people that were killed and maimed as a result of his Oedipal complex and my opposition to it. I voted for Barry and expected better from him but he continues the ill fated adventure in Afghanistan. Clinton waged a half assed effort in the Balkans and his predecessor had a violent reaction when oil supplies were threatened as any (oil) junkie would.

Some of you know that I wore the uniform of the United States Air Force after high school.

During my time in the service the United States engaged in 3 significant military actions on the orders of President Reagan. The bombing of Libya was justified but didn't deter them from taking down an airliner over Scotland a few years later. I knew the navigator in the F-111 that went down. Although I didn't know it at the time I was part of the planning of the raid. In the Beirut fiasco a good friend who was a load master on a C-130 got shot up on the tarmac of the airport, 241 Marines later died when their barracks was blown up after the US took sides in a civil war. The next day the US invaded Grenada.

I hate war.

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Rev. Dwight Chandler said...

I think saying the W didn't give a shit about the troops being killed is a bit "ALan Graysonish".

HOw can we have bipartisanship when both sides are on the fringe???

Your statement on W was just as bad as the right calling Obama a traitor.