Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Phyllis Mundy reelected

167 of 189 precincts reporting

Phyllis Mundy (D)   12,183 56%

Aaron Kaufer (R)      9,649  44%

An even bigger win than last time.

Toohil wins easy

Tarah Toohil (R)    8151  66%

Ransom Young  (D)  4250  34%

Mullery is returned

Gerald Mullery (D)  12,352  61%

Rick Arnold (R)   7963  39%


Anonymous said...

Interesting numbers for Tarah Toohil. Do you think the drug video had the opposite response and actually garnered sympathy votes for her?

Stephen Albert said...

I definitely think the tactics benefited Ms Toohil. Whenever voters are distracted from an incumbents actual record there is a benefit. See Romney's "47%" comment.

Anonymous said...

Toohil was smart. She never shared who REALLY posted the U Tube video...she LET the voters THINK it was her opponent. And she's a professional question dodger. Had a hissy fit during the debate when an ethics question came up and said "this wasn't one of the agreed upon topics" on air! Only she could pull that off.