Thursday, November 01, 2012

Marino ducks debate

Congressman Marino's Campaign Manager Admits Debate Pull-Out Politically Motivated

He Said Scheduling a Debate "Would Be Good For You [Scollo's Campaign]."

Dingman, PA - The Scollo for Congress campaign was informed yesterday
by WVIA that Congressman Tom Marino will not honor his commitment to participate in the 
WVIA-TV debate. Marino's camp reportedly said they could not reschedule due to unspecified 'scheduling conflicts.'

In a phone call today with the Scollo campaign, Marino's campaign
manager, Ryan Barton, said scheduling a debate "would be good for you
[Scollo's Campaign]" but refused to make any effort to find time for a one
hour debate. The phone call happened at 10:30am today, Thursday, 
November 1, between Barton and Will Sharry, Scollo's campaign manager.

"This election is too important to let scheduling difficulties get in
the way of a full debate on the issues facing Pennsylvania families
and seniors," said Scollo. "Marino should step-up to the plate and
debate and stop playing political games. He calls himself a tough
guy in his television ads. I'm not seeing that in this decision."


Big Dan said...

aggie95 will come on and say you "got it all wrong", like the stilp/barletta debate

Big Dan said...

check this out

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