Sunday, November 04, 2012

Lou Barletta is worried

By all the metrics of a political campaign Lou Barletta (R) is a lock. He is the incumbent that has a million dollar campaign warchest with  a winning issue on immigration that appeals to the fears of people. Gene Stilp (D)  has no money or party support but has an army of supporters and has run an unconventional campaign.

 Like many people I dismissed Gene Stilp's chances in the Democratic primary against Bill Vinsko. He is known as the guy with the big pig and other stunts and I didn't take him seriously. He proved me wrong.

Lou Barletta has noticed. In his 2 TV ads he repeats the lie that Stilp wants to cut Medicare by $716 Billion. Lou's first ad  and second. If he wasn't worried he would be running warm fuzzies instead of attack ads.

Another sign of panic from the Barletta camp is trying to drum up controversy about Tim Holden endorsing Stilp or not.  Like anyone gives a shit about what Tim Holden thinks. Most endorsements are good for a press release and not much else.

This may be the  surprise of the night.

The WVIA debate


Stephen Albert said...

Some people are emotional and stupid, making the stuff I'm good at...rational thought and logic...not very useful in the business of predicting elections.

The above noted, I'm reasonably sure Lou ("I just look Mexican") Barletta will win. Give Gene Stilp credit for making him work for it though. Also credit the legislature for making the district very incumbent friendly.

Michelle HD said...

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed a Lou Barletta banner being dragged behind a puddle jumper plane. If that doesn't spell worry, I don't know what does.

Who admits to making a decision to vote for a candidate from an airplane banner?

Anonymous said...

I've said the same thing for a few weeks now... Barletta made Vinsko's mistake of writing his opponent off as a joke and only doing token campaign stops. Meanwile, Stilp's been working his ass off, and everyone remembers that pig.

"Wait a second, the majority of my district doesn't know who I am and I haven't been campaigning and my challenger has?! Maybe I should start..." was probably his train of thought last week.

Personally, I hope Stilp pulls it off, because Barletta is frankly a horrible person. If Barletta goes down, it will be because he took his seat for granted and thought he'd walk into re-election without any effort on his part. I'm in his district, and I'm rather insulted by that.

I was actually going to vote for him, too! Stilp came by my house twice and followed up with a phone call about an issue I'd asked about. He's got my vote.