Saturday, August 08, 2015

Paperwork problem for Tony George

This one has me scratching my head. City Council member Tony George is the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre and was previously the police chief of the county seat. He has probably filled out hundreds if not thousands of forms making sure to cross the T's and dot the I's as a police officer as a mistake could screw up a prosecution or wrongfully deprive someone of their liberty. He has also been a candidate for election before and had to file campaign finance reports.

He claims he tried to do the reports himself and screwed it up. TL: “What was I trying to hide? My problem was I kept poor records,” George said Friday. He has brought in professional accounting firm to fix the problem and file an amended report. He also said he he would have help running the city "The mayor has a controller and finance office. I’m not going to run the whole city myself. That’s why they have all the department heads,” George said. OOKAY.

The reports are so screwed up that county election board is referring the matter to the District Attorney . Solicitor Mike Butera said The District Attorney’s Office will be asked to determine if the mistakes were an intentional attempt to deceive the public, which would be criminal. " Not that Stephanie Salavantis  will find time to deal with this before the election.

Bob Caruso, who has been involved in elections for decades, told the board George’s campaign reports are “the most irregular election reports I’ve ever seen.”
Amended reports should be permitted in cases where something must be added — not to redo and replace a significant portion of the information, Caruso said.

 Republican candidate for Mayor Frank Sorick and writer of local bog Wake Up Wilkes-Barre
  was surprisingly restrained.
Sorick accepted George’s explanation. “This was a multitude of honest mistakes,” he said.
Still Sorick said voters should be concerned and ask themselves which candidate is most capable of running the city.
“Voters should look closely at who has the best opportunity to serve the city residents, who has been doing the best job and doing it without asking for a dime in return,” he said.
He contrasted his campaign to George’s saying it’s more of grassroots effort with less focus on raising funds because with school district, county and city taxes people in the don’t have the money give.

This is coming from a guy  who refers  to present Mayor as Tom Lie-A-Ton


Election board calls for criminal probe of W-B nominee's campaign finances


George: Campaign finance mistakes expected to be issue in Wilkes-Barre mayor race




Anonymous said...

Either way he is severely tainted come November. Someone who ran on law and order did not follow the election laws and does not know how to pay attention to order. I am worried that someone who also ran on being a former cop does not know how to fill out campaign finance reports. It is not his first election and when a police officer fills out their reports the i's must be dotted and the t's must be crossed. I do not have a dog in the fight but he is trying to hide something with these reports. Amended financial reports should not be filled with as many errors as his were.

Anonymous said...

I was leaning heavily Tony George until I got a look at his much-discussed financial paperwork. They really were much worse than you would think from the reports in the media. I'm no expert on this sort of thing but if I were a candidate I would have known enough to delegate the paperwork or at least ask for some help from an accountant. They're not even SIGNED in the right place. Not a good sign for someone eyeing a position that's 90% paperwork and bureaucracy.

But God help us if we get stuck with Frank Sorrick.