Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Never trust a politician that doesn't pay her parking tickets

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Attorney General  Kathleen Kane  has been mired in controversy since she took office. She has burned through  staff members including about  57 press secretaries. Our own Joe Peters didn't last long. It's been one thing after another from not prosecuting a corruption case in Philly to leaking Grand Jury information. She can't manage and her office is a mess. 

Now multiple sources say she will be charged with a crime tomorrow. 

When I wrote a post about her not paying her parking tickets many  said that was not important and was the oldest attack in the book.  Sue Henry on WILK thought it was important and it even made it to the afternoon show.

I think that every elected official should obey the law and pay the fine when they commit a minor infraction. Especially someone who is charged with the duty to enforce the law and prosecute those who do not follow it.  The Ticket thing just smacks of an old arrogance of 'I'm important and only the little people have to do that, not me.' It should have been a warning siren. 


Anonymous said...

You should go back to quitting blogging.

Anonymous said...

Guilty until proven innocent..... Remember Richard Jewel. The feds and the media had him tried, convicted and executed for the Atlanta Olympics bombing.
If she is genuinely not guilty I hope she stays in office and fights it all the way.
She is right, if she steps down it is an admission.

Stephen Albert said...


Three thoughts -

1) Top Law Enforcement officials have a special obligation to follow the laws that they are charged with enforcing. Even the "small laws". Period. You're spot on about the parking tickets.

2) Yes, while she is innocent until proven guilty, the reality is that a large chunk of her available energy is now going to go towards her own legal defense, and not the duties of her office...and for that reason she should step down. She simply can't serve two masters. Heck, she was barely able to serve one up until now.

3) I seem to recall that there were even personnel issues in her campaign (involving Liz Randol). Hindsight is 20/20, but with the AG it seems that the more you look, the less you like what you see.

- Steve

Joe said...

If she is not guilty she must not step aside. If she resigns and is later exonerated the fact that she cowered will stick with her for life. Bill Clinton was able to run an entire country through impeachment and scandal. If he resigned he would not have had the post presidency legacy he now enjoys and Hillary would be a forgotten first lady.

Stephen Albert said...

Joe, I respectfully disagree.

While both AG Kane and President Clinton were dealing with charges of perjury, the circumstances were completely different...about as different as "lying once to cover up having sex with an intern" is to "violating grand jury order to embarrass a perceived enemy". The charge against Clinton had nothing to do with his official duties, but the charge against AG Kane gets to the very heart of her official duties.

I simply can't see how AG Kane can perform her duties with this...which again get to the heart of what she does...over her head.

- Steve