Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A blast from the past

I've talked to past office holders that bragged that he/she did it better than the present bunch but that was always for private consumption. This is something I don't ever remember seeing before, a past county commissioner wrote a letter to the editor critical of a sitting one. And they're both Democrats.
Our own walking encyclopedia of local politics, the Yonk, detailed one of the most significant local elections in 1979 and Ed Brominski's role in it. This description of Brominski is classic...Brominski was an ex football star turned coach, an educator, who drove a gold Corvette and had as his namesake and political Godfather, the President of the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, Bernard Brominski...
In a LTE a few days ago in the Times-Leader Brominski tore into the present Majority DebitCardmissioner Greg Skepnak without naming him:

After reading the recent headlines in your paper, I am pleasantly and sadly reminded of my own election in 1979. At that time, Frank Crossin Sr. and I were elected as the majority commissioners of Luzerne County.

We began our first year in office with a shortfall of payments that began in September 1979 and was preceded each year by annual shortfalls in county bill obligations.

Our first action was to eliminate useless jobs and our second task was to raise taxes. We did both, saving the county $125,000 per year in salaries and raising millage 7 mills to an unheard of amount of 22 mills.

The following years, with a good plan developed by Frank Sr. and followed by me and his son Frank Jr., we more than met our obligations and in fact finished 1983 with a $6 million surplus.
The present administration in Luzerne County is like a kitchen with pots hanging in a row. When a good chef uses them, they are a work of wonder. However, if they are using them only for self service and to help friends, all those pots do is bump each other and make noise.

We have a good kitchen, but it is run by lousy chefs.

Shame on them and us for re-electing them.

Edward A. Brominski Swoyersville

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