Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Republcans are broke

I know that sounds absurd but hear me out.

Republicans with money are not stupid. You pay for a product that will pay off and the Republican party doesn't offer a good return on investment.

If the Luzerne County Republican party was just plain broke it would probably be an improvement and I don't know what shape the state party is in but the national committees are hurting.

The congressional arm of the Republicans, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) had $4 million in debt and $1.6 million in cash at the end of September and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) had $28.3 million in the bank. I'll skip the other committees because the results are similar. If you can project money into enthusiasm the Dems are way ahead with Hillary and Obama picking up more money than the whole Repulican field so far.

Mitt Romney has asked his supporters to auction off old campaign stuff and donate it to his cause and the Democratic National Committee couldn't resist the temptation to auction off his past policy positions:

"Unless smooth-talking Mitt Romney was planning on recycling those old tax-raising, pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-immigrant, pro-gay rights and pro-campaign finance reform positions in a general election, we thought we'd auction them off for charity."

The DNC said it would donate a matching amount from the auctions to a pet shelter.

So the national party has no money so they need candidates that can self finance. In the Pennsylvania 10th district, millionaire Dan Meuser faces a primary against another NRCC-recruited opponent, businessman millionaire Chris Hackett.

Short of cash, NRCC seeks millionaires

Faced with lingering debt and a losing fundraising battle, House Republicans are recruiting a slew of self-funding candidates to run in many of their top races this election cycle. At least seven candidates with the ability to self-fund millions have stepped forward in key districts for the GOP so far, and more could be on the way...

Democrats are quick to point out that self-funding candidates have a shoddy track record. Last cycle, only four of 28 candidates who spent more than $1 million on their congressional bids were elected to Congress, and only three of 48 won in the previous three cycles combined, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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Anonymous said...

Right on the money gort. Exactly the reason Lou Barletta needs to be careful. They national party stiffed him good in his last run against Kanjorski and they had money then. They are the reason his campaign still has a debt. Their recruitment of Lou is laughable. They are gonna sucker him into it again by feeding his ego and then wham, when they realize he has no chance they will pull the money again. And he has no chance, the republicans are going to be lucky to win republican districts they are never going to take a democratic district in this next election