Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sports weekend

Penn State eeked out a victory against Temple 31-0. It shouldn't have been that close and JoePa wasn't happy with his defense and he let loose on his long time defensive coach Tom Bradley.

Does anybody know how you swear in Italian?” Bradley would ask after the game, just after his meeting with the media. “Because I think that’s what he said to me. I didn’t quite understand it. If anybody knows how to speak Italian...” Someone in the back of the packed room in Lincoln Financial Field’s catacombs yelled out, “What’s the word?” “I don’t know,” Bradley laughed. “It wasn’t good.”

Illinois upset Ohio State's apple cart probably ending their nation championship hopes and Michigan went down to Wisconsin throwing the whole Big-10 bowl picture into a blur. With a lot of help Ohio State may make it to the BCS title game but it looks like that the showdown with Michigan next week will be for an appearance in the Rose Bowl. There is an outside chance that a second Big-10 team will get a BCS game but it's unlikely.The loser will probably get the Capitol One Bowl so the best PSU can hope for is the Outback on New Years Day. But Illinois has staked a claim to that game with PSU getting relegated to the Alamo Bowl provided they beat Michigan State and win the "prestigious" Land Grant Trophy. An interesting note is 10 of the 11 Big-10 teams are Bowl eligible.

The Eagles did everything they could do today to lose to the Redskins but the Skins gave them the game anyway. Sorry Oliver. The Stillers came back at the end are looking forward to ending the Pats undefeated season in a few weeks. The Cowboys continue their march thru the NFC for the honor of losing to the AFC team in the Super Bowl by knocking off the Giants. Sorry Mark.

The Phillies have made the first news of the hot stove season by trading for Brad Lidge from the Astros. They gave up 4th outfielder Michael Bourn and middle reliever Geoff Geary. The speculation now is that Brett Myers will be back in the rotation but unless they land a couple more starters that may not happen. They also signed J.C. Romero to a three year deal who was close to lights out at the end of the season despite getting cut by the Red Sox.

And the A-Rod sweepstakes is absurd and will probably end up in court.


Anonymous said...

Bpurne was pur fifth putfileder. Rowan, beuurel, Victorino Werth then bourne and Roberson is kinda the sma ehting and he will be number 5 also greg roy hobbes dobbs can play right field as weel when he is backing up Mike lowel at third

Gort said...

Will someone please translate the above.

Chris said...

I guess that's what living in DC does to your brain