Friday, November 09, 2007

Pointing fingers

"We need somebody in the Republican party that’s going to work for the Republicans ...she is controlled by the Democrats. She is the wrong person for the job. She has done nothing to help the party with fundraising. All of the candidates are forced to fend for themselves.”-

It seems like I do this post after every local election.

This time Steve Urban called for Villano's head and last year it was State Rep loser John Cordora sayingThere was no backing from the local Republican party. The one thing the Luzerne County Republican Party needs to do is to get rid of Lynette Villano or there’s not going to be a Republican Party here in this county.”

From what I hear the local GOP organization resembles a collection of nerdy high school cliques that are getting bullied by the cool kids and will take whatever crumbs fall off the table. The TL has Bruce Phillips and John Rodgers pointing out that the party doesn’t have its act together. They can't raise money even though wealthy Republicans in the county regularly give to state and federal candidates. But many of them also contribute to the local Dems because they are smart business people who know that there isn't much chance of a Republican winning anything and want to influence the decision makers. At the GOP dinner the hostility to Urban and Walter Griffiths wasn't even masked and I've been told that Christine Katsock was working the polls for Tom Leighton. What a bunch.

The 6th District Republicans (W-B and surroundings) have a website that has a fundraiser listed and also asks that you take your aluminum cans to Bielecki's junkyard and donate the proceeds to the cause. They can have the money from my cans if they pick them up and cash them in, I'm not dealing with the zoo at the junkyard and I would just like to get rid of them. I think it's a creative fundraising technique, maybe next they will ask for people to donate their leftover food stamps.

I think everybody should calm down. I don’t think we should make decisions in frustration or anger” -Luzerne County Republican Chairwoman Lynette Villano


Anonymous said...

Why calm down Lynette? Your lack of leadership is causing the luzerne county GOP to be the laughing stock of the county!!! Why can't Urban with the highest county seat pull some weight? The Luzerne County Republican website wasn't updated in years and this is the first time I heard of the 6th district GOP having anything online. there's no link to the county GOP site from PAGOP's site. Hell there's not even an address or contact person or phone number!!! The lack of commitment and leadership gives the impression that the Luzerne Ccounty GOP is a f'g joke! Oh wait, it's not an impression - they are a bunch of bumbling idiots who need plexiotomies (it's a surgical procedure to put plexi-glass in your tummy so when your head is so far up your ass you can see where you're going) just to see history repeat itself every election day.
They can't get their act together and all they do is act like first graders pointing fingers at other people when something goes wrong. Besides leadership Luzerne County Republicans operate in total secrecy not allowing anyone to know whats going on. The lack of communication is a clear sign that the organization is defunct. Hey Villano Urban and Rodgers and all other county republican non-leaders thank you for making the luzerne county republicans look like a bunch of retards who put together make Corky look like a nobel prize winner. I hope that any serious candidate running for office has the brains to stay away from the county republicans. If you want to stop looking like a bunch of morons you need to act like responsible adults and take a real inventory of why the local party sucks. Then you scrap the nonleaders like Lynette villano and Steve Urban and start looking for people who actually want to make a difference in the county. molst important thing that needs to be done is to make the public aware that changes are being made. You need to have a reorganization meeting and stop pretending that everything is OK and that there is no need for alarm.

Anonymous said...

First thing Tom Leighton and the current City council did TWO DAYS AFTER the Dems swept the City elections:

Announced that they were going to borrow 1 million dollars to repair a park that they let fall into disrepair over the past decade (while they were all serving as councilmen).


They waited two days before they announced that they were putting the city another $1 million into debt. Maybe they'll borrow $1 million every two days for the next four years, and when that fails to entice anyone to move into that corrupt sh*thole, they'll then blame the mayor for putting the city in debt and failing to take care of the city, then run Bill Barrett for mayor on the promise that he'll restore Wilkes-Barre's credit rating and bring new life to the city.

Walter said...

Well said and I for one would be more than happy to lead this charge of change in the County Party as well as the 6th District. I think there is to many Republicans that want the leaders to lead and therefore they need us to step up and get to the bottom of the problem and then work our way back up to the top. Let's get busy and send me an e mail as to what you can do to help along with your ideas and I will take the ball and run with it ...we need to make this happen as soon as possible and that means getting rid of people like Christine Katsock that is the 6th District Vice Chairman and openly campaigns for the Democratic Mayor of Wilkes Barre on Election Day...This type of insubordination must stop in order for the party to get started in the right direction. We need to address the petty backbitting and selfish attitudes and realise it is all about the Republican Party and not about our own power. I am willing to step up and be a about any of you other Republicans out there....Lets take our party back and get busy getting people elected again. Walter Griffith Jr

Anonymous said...

Walter is a good man, but not a leader. There is really no one out there right now willing to do the job. It is sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above, walter is a good guy, but too polarizing to be chair.

did katsok really work the polls for leighton????

Anonymous said...

Mario Fiorucci. Why have you not done a story on this pathetic loser. Maria did not even receive a third of the votes. He received fewer votes in the general election than he did in the May primary. The vast majority of us in Sugar Notch regard him as a nutjob who does not have a life. We showed what we think of him by hand him a resounding 192 votes for Bill Davis to his 82 votes. Do a story on him why don't cha?

Anonymous said...

If there is a lack of leadership (which is apparent) why dont we all get together and start some changes. A grass roots meeting if you will. Pick a night, a place, spread the word via the internet. If we do nothing but complain and cry nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

what about lisa baker, lou barletta,steve urban. why r they not leading????