Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Plus ça change

The Democrats swept the Luzerne County row offices and all 7 elections in the city of Wilkes-Barre. The results in the city was predicted by just about everyone and I saw the county wave building in the last week or so. Sometimes I hate being right.

I was off about the order of finish in the Commissioners race with Petrilla topping the ballot but the result is the same with the 2 Dems in the majority and Steve Urban will continue to howl in the wilderness. In one of the races that was competitive had 2 term incumbent Sheriff Barry Stankus getting hit with the jinx associated with that office like previous Sheriff Carl "watch out for that dog" Zawatski. In both cases the perception was they were trying to cover up something. The theft in the Recorder of Deeds office sank Republican Mary Dysleski as Red O'Brien smelled blood in the water and hammered her hard about it. Urban blames Republican Party Chairwoman Lynette Villano for the loss of Stankus and Dysleski.

“I think it’s a reflection on her leadership,” Urban said. “Next year we have party elections, and I think Lynette Villano should seriously consider stepping aside and letting someone else come in and try to rebuild the party.”

Sorry Steve, it was a Democratic year and nobody has ever accused you of promoting party unity.

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