Sunday, November 04, 2007

The national anthem

This pic was sent to me tonight:

It suggest that Senator Barrack Obama ignored the anthem and that makes him an Islomofacist with a weird name.

Then I look at this picture:


Anonymous said...

not to defend omaba, but that was scene was taking place during the star spangled banner, not the pledge. i don't know about bush..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anon 7:51 has it right. It was taken during the playing of the National Anthem. It is just Obama hate propaganda. If it was during the pledge (which it was not) then why aren't all of them facing the flag? (which is also the proper thing to do) If the pic was taken during the pledge (which, again, it was NOT) then everyone on stage was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me as if the Bush photo was taken just as he was moving his hand towards his heart. As far as Obama not covering his heart during the SSB-it is the tradition to do so (anyone who has been to a sporting event knows that) but not officially in the etiquette books.

Gort said...

It was the national anthem. Thanks for the correction.

Jacq said...

I don't know, y'all. The pic of W and Mrs. W shows everyone else with their hands on their hearts. He just looks like he's rubbing the discomfort away of all the hot air that's still in there.

Sorry. I don't give him the benefit of the doubt for anything.