Friday, November 09, 2007

A Veterans Day Message by Mean Old Man


I’m angrier than Mel Gibson in a bagel shop over the way the pinko commies have tried to turn everyday Americans against our great tradition of going to war!!! In my day war was inevitable and it showed our greatness to the rest of the world! My old man was in WWI and he used to sit us down at night and tell us stories of how he fought the Hun. Now, that was a man’s war; you didn’t have prissy body armor to slow you down; you put on your duds, secured your helmet and jumped into the fight. And if you were lucky you got a mask to protect you from mustard gas. Those who didn’t have one usually were killed or maimed for life—but they loved it!!! Because there’s nothing more great or more fun than fighting and dying for one’s beloved country!! Tell that to all the young pinkos today, driving in their fancy sports cars, drinking their fairy beers, and complaining that they have to go for a manicure. Damn!!! Whatever happened to real men who enjoyed a good fight?!?

Last week my harlot of a daughter in law went spastic on me because I came down from the ol’ attic and gave my dimwit grandson a bag full of plastic soldiers. You remember those; you could sit for hours strategizing battle plans and on a good day (if Pops wasn’t looking) you could take a cigarette lighter and light one of the soldiers up pretending that he was the victim of a flame thrower! Those were the days!!! But back to my stupid daughter in law; she gets all upset because I’m exposing my grandson to violence. We’re turning our country’s young men into a bunch of whiney, sissy females! Damn!!

That’s why I say we need to bring back the ol’ draft. Once a kid is kicked out of the house and meets his trusty ol’ drill instructor; well, if that don’t make him a man then he may as well move to Key West or San Francisco. In my day we knew we were marked for the draft and you got your butt down to the recruiting office and kept your mouth shut. The DI would spit in your face and sometimes stick your head in the toilet bowl to wake your lazy butt up—it was degrading, demeaning and horrifying—and we loved it!!! Because at the end of the day you and your buddies would go for a belt or two and talk about all of the Krauts you were going to slaughter!! Wow, I miss those days.

Happy Vets Day to all our troops past and present. Each one of them has more class in the tip of his pinky finger than all the Commie scumbags have in their whole body!!! And to all of our gallant troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, who may be a little blue being away from home during the coming Holidays, just remember that it could be worse: you could be married to Hillary Clinton!!! That ought to make you kids feel a lot better!!
Hooray for our troops and to Hell with Liberals---I hate you all!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This man is a true joy.

Anonymous said...

All you pussies born after 1945 ain't real men!