Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Rule petitions

In 2003 the Luzerne County Home Rule charter was defeated 54%-46% with the help of both political parties. Democratic Commissioner candidates Greg Skrepnak and Todd Vonderheid argued the structure of the county government wasn't the problem but the people in charge had let us down. Trust us they said, we are a breath of fresh air. Well, we all know how that has turned out. Fictitious county budgets full of lies about imaginary revenues. Sweetheart deals to the well connected. State and Federal investigations into the business practices of the county and the people charged with keeping the public trust. Debit Cards used at strip clubs, no-bid contracts, falsifying tax liens, a fantasy airport, cronies hired for important jobs and when their incompetence was exposed they were shuffled off to other less visible county jobs. The list is almost endless. And bonds, bonds and more bonds just to meet payroll and keep the county operating.

We have a chance to fix this reign of incompetence.

Luzerne Home Rule

Luzerne Home Rule is proud to announce that it is now time to start circulating petitions to place Home Rule on the ballot in May. Click here to download yours today!

4,790 valid signatures are needed to get it on the May primary ballot that would elect another study commission that would draft a new home rule charter. If they use the 2003 Charter proposal with some tinkering it could be on the ballot in November.


Anonymous said...

please dumb ass luz county voters never change, they vote dem, dem, dem...... skrep will get re-elected w/a new partner next time around..

Anonymous said...

Might I ask who appointed PJ Best the leader of this Home Rule drive? I'm very much in favor of Home Rule, but with PJ in charge of this operation, it's doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

Luzerne County works this way;

(D) -Too stupid to vote any other way, "my fodder wuz a democrat";
(R) - What's in it for me at the Westmoreland Club? "another Chivas Regal, and make it a double";
(I) HUH ?

Michelle HD said...

One question/suggestion: Can we keep a record of where the petitions are/who downloaded them? Like if there is already a petition setup in Plains for example, people should know about it so there isn't a duplication of efforts. It says right on the website that there needs to be 200 signatures on one petition in order for them to accept it.