Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet Quincy

Between snow shoveling and puppy training I haven't had much time for blogging this weekend. Sometimes you have to say screw politics because what is going on in your life is more important. This little guy is learning faster than any dog I've ever had. He already knows his name, fetch, sit and is getting an idea of what NO means. I'll explain the name later.
You are all suckers for Puppy pics so go see some more at my Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

life is much more important than the bullshit dealings of the political world. no matter what the garbage politicians do we still have to go on and take care of ourselves and those important to us.. hurrah gort

Anonymous said...

Dogs are so much cooler than people : ) Enjoy your time with the little fellow, he is a cutie!

Peace n love this holiday season and througout the New Year! Cheers!


D.B. Echo said...


Maybe we can use the Word Verification words to generate pet names. Today's: "smenesto." Sounds like the grown-up male relative of the dreaded smenita!