Thursday, December 04, 2008

Luzerne County scandals

SCRANTON – The U.S. Secret Service has concluded its initial investigation into the Luzerne County debit card scandal and has turned over the results to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for review, a federal prosecutor said Wednesday.

Forget the Secret Service and the US Attorney General the agency that matters in this is the IRS. I think it's pretty simple. If the people who had the debit cards in 2006 and charged personal expenses to it without declaring it as income on that year's 1040 should have to answer to charges of tax evasion.

Also, there has to be a Pennsylvania law about then County Manager/Chief Clerk Sam Guesto having a slush fund to pay the bills for Sam Hyder's trips to strip bars, etc. that then Controller Maryanne Petrilla claims she was not aware of. I don't know if any federal laws were broken but the PA Auditor General and Attorney General should be all over this.

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Anonymous said...

recorder of deeds close to 400.000 missing only acct for 150.000 where is the rest thank you

Anonymous said...

With the Guesto and Company Scandal combined with the Elizabeth Sichler Scandal, the Secret Service needs to set up a branch office in NEPA.
Build a bigger prison and lock them all up together.

Anonymous said...

Both AGs are politically motivated: Corbett, to rally the republicans through his blind-eye to Perzel investigations of House Dems, and Wagner is motivated by his lack of spine.

There's A New Sheriff In Town said...

I don't remember which one of them said it, I think it was Skrep, that they mixed up the county card with their own card.
If that's really the case, then aren't you a little too stupid to hold public office?

Gort said...


Skrep and Sam Hyder said the same thing. I think everybody in the courthouse needs new glasses. See my previous post:

Anonymous said...

Those who want good government - not dem or gop - will support home rule. The system is the problem and until there is an overhaul of the system, no matter who is put in the sewer, it will be a sewer.

Anonymous said...

What scandal?

Anonymous said...

Yippee Hooray...Cunt Lokuta is finally gone!!

One less dyke too.