Thursday, October 08, 2009

Get well Leonard

Luzerne County Director of Elections Leonard Piazza had a health scare a few days ago but it looks like he will be okay. He is a workaholic who puts up puts up with cranks like me bugging him at all hours with questions about election law issues and he always responds. He is one of the good guys in county government.
If you are on Facebook go wish him well.


PoorRichard said...

Filing as an Independent candidate was a new experience for me and there were many questions to be answered. As an example, even the paper work is different. A Primary candidate circulates petitions and if 50 people circulate 50 petitions, each of them are required to complete the circulators section. As an Independent, it is a different format. In lieu of petitions, a single nominating form is used and what would have been 50 separate petitions become 50 pages of 1 nominating form requiring 1 person to sign all forms attesting to the validity of the pages of the form. Of course the number of signatures required are much greater than the Primary requirements. A formula is used to determine the number of signatures required as each election is different. Those are a small example of the complexity of the election law. My point being that Leonard was nothing less than cooperative and displayed the competency of an experienced Election Bureau Director. He was a big help, and nothing was to much trouble for him. I wish him well and I certainly understand the pressures he works under.

Joe Valenti said...

Gort - I'd like to echo your comments on Piazza - he is a workaholic.
Joe V

Anonymous said...

I don't know the date of these postings but I do remember Toole being criticized because his son was the only signer of his "petitions". Now I understand it and it wasn't "petitions" but rather one nominating form with pages. Interesting but more government confusion. Those who offered up the nasty comments might want to take a moment and say "Opps, sorry"! Gort, How many signature did Toole need and how many did he file? Interesting question. Hope I'm not to late on this one.