Sunday, October 25, 2009

The local papers are full of it

Political coverage that is.

The Times Leader and Citizens Voice have done an outstanding job covering the corruption scandal and I think my fellow bloggers would agree that we can't do what we do without the efforts of their reporters and editors.

Today both papers had bunches of stories about the upcoming local elections that I will use in upcoming posts.

The TL:

Electorate can show strength by voting

Most school incumbents won’t be returning

ELECT: Luzerne County Judge

Listing of candidates on ballot for Nov. 3

ELECT:Judges Seeking Retention

Stankovic stresses her years in office

ELECT: Prothonotary

The CV:

Lawyer dollars feed county judges race

Corruption cloud hangs over seat for prothonotary

Third try for Congress uncertain for Barletta

Top contributors

Election facts

And many more.


Anonymous said...

Selling alot of papers these days

Anonymous said...

Dave Janoski at Citizens Voice is doing terrific reporting --- ahead of the pack.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mrs janoski