Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Mericle of money

Multi-party Bob Mericle was named as Participant number 2 in the Juvie Brothers bribery scandal that hit the news last January and in August he was charged with being part of it.

He is going to skate.

That hasn't prevented him from greasing the wheels this year as he has always done.

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Campaign Finance website lists the money Mericle has been spreading around just this year. It's an old habit with Bob.

March 17th he gave $500 to State Rep John Yudichak

May 27th $10,000.00 to State Senator Ray Musto

On July 1st Mike Carroll recieved $2500 from Bob.

The kicker is his May 24th contribution to Bill Amesbury, Luzerne County Judge candidate, on May 24th of $500.

Update: Mericle donated $100 to Democratic Prothonotary candidate Nancy Bellas on April 9th


Anonymous said...

There has to be more to this story

Anonymous said...

forgot about the 1000.00 given to Sen. Lisa Baker on 2/9/08

Gort said...

8:51 I'm just listing his contributions this year since it became know that he is a criminal. If you go back to previous years you will find that he has donated money to just about every politician in our area of both stripes.

Anonymous said...

Yea you could start with rendell mellow musto and so on must have learned from louie people in pocket O

Anonymous said...

Musto $10,000. Have these politicians no shame? Musto and Mellow both get free rides and both have a war chest that pays many expenses for them. But, they write the laws. My only question is why do we need so many of these do nothings? The state senate and house can be cut in half and it would have absolutely no effect on constituent service. To quote the Toole campaign, let's Getter Dun.

Anonymous said...

If voters want to really clean house, these are two legislators that can really use a trip to a retirement village. Especially Mellow. His arrogance is unmatched. We look for health reform and he sits on the Board of Blue Cross and has no problem with them having a huge surplus and they contunue to raise rates while refusing to give individuals the same coverage per dollar as group participants. Mellow really does need to go and Musto needs to drive him there.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Musto and Mellow car pooling to oblivian. They don't even need directions, but live in Never Never Land. Musto will do what Murry did, wait till its too late to enjoy life with his wife and then sit home and cry. Greed and Power are two very strong forces. Neither is easy to give up.