Saturday, October 17, 2009

When you're right you argue the facts, when you're wrong you argue the law

That's what my lawyers tell me.

Luzerne County Democratic Jury Commissioner and Housing Authority Chairman Jerry Bonner has asked that his statements to FBI be thrown out because he was not advised of his Miranda rights before being interviewed by the feds. He may have a point if the FBI didn't follow the rules. At the same time anybody who has watched any cop show over the last 40 years knows that you that you can ask for a lawyer at anytime and refuse to answer questions that might incriminate yourself.

It looks like Jerry is going to fight the charges that he passed on a bribe just like Frank Pizzella is doing.

I hope they both get a trial so all the dirty laundry can be aired.

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Anonymous said...

The only simblance between the two is that they were both arrested. Pizella asked for the bribe and Boner delivered one and there is no proof that he knew it was a bribe he was delivering. Nope, I don't see them as being equal. And Bonner certainly does not have Pizella's history.