Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Phillies win the phirst game of the World Series

Chase Utley put 2 out of the park and Cliff Lee went the distance scattering 6 hits and striking out 10 with no walks. I thought that CC was pulled too early but I'm not complaining because the Yankee's bullpen gave up 4 more runs. Whoever invented the pitch count should be shot.
Yankee fan favorite Pedro Martinez is pitching for the Phillies tomorrow.
The side poll tells me that there are more Phillies fans that visit this site than the Yankee faithful
Who will win the World Series? Phillies 41 (69%) Yankees 18 (30%)

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Anonymous said...

And lost the 2nd. I am looking at your poll, maybe we should just go with that and cancel the rest of the games.