Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mike LaPolla for State Represenative

Freshman Democratic State Rep Kevin Murphy has an opponent.

From a press release.

LaPolla Announces Bid for 113th Legislative District Post

New Leadership Needed in 2010

North Scranton-Last evening, Mike LaPolla announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Representative of the 113th Legislative District to a crowd of 75 supporters, friends and family in North Scranton.

Mike LaPolla stated that he has spent the latter part of his career in service to the Boy Scouts of America and now seeks to take that philosophy of accountability, hard work and service to the community to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. LaPolla described himself as someone who carries no baggage and has no backs to scratch. He stated that he is a straightforward, honest, middle class citizen like the taxpayers of the 113th Legislative District.

“I have no political ties to special interest groups except one, the taxpayers of the 113th Legislative District” LaPolla said. “From Moosic and Taylor to Throop and South Abington with Scranton in the middle, property tax reform and the inability of the legislature to pass an acceptable budget in the time specified by law are the key issues the taxpayers face today. It took 101 days to get a mediocre budget passed that does not address the issue of a multi-billion dollar shortfall next year. Many citizens of the commonwealth were hurt by this inactivity and lack of accountability on the part of the legislature. If our representatives in the General Assembly are incapable of providing a solid, balanced and fair budget by July 1st as the law states, they should receive no pay, no per diems, and be sequestered in Harrisburg until such time as they come to an agreement on the budget. We elect our legislators to do the business of the Commonwealth in the best representation of the people they serve. This year, our legislature has failed miserably at great detriment to the people of the Commonwealth. This lack of accountability to the taxpayers must change and will change when I am elected to represent the people of the 113th Legislative District.

Mike LaPolla and his wife Jacqueline live in North Scranton. Mike has worked in service to the Boy Scouts of America for the past 11 years as Senior District Executive.

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