Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sam Stretton endorses Griffith

Most endorsements are only good for a press release unless it's a group that can deliver boots on the ground or bundle money or both. That's why Labor Unions are important for Democrats and outfits like the Club for Growth matter for Republicans.

This one matters.

Oct. 20, 2009

Luzerne County Republican Controller Candidate Walter L. Griffith Jr. has received the endorsement of attorney Samuel C. Stretton, solicitor to former county Controller Steve Flood.
In a letter to the “electors” of the county, Stretton said he “strongly” endorses Griffith as the county’s next “financial watchdog.”

“I have had the opportunity to talk to Mr Griffith on several occasions regarding the Sunshine Law and other issues and firmly believe that Walter Griffith Jr. has a firm grasp on the function and operation of Luzerne County Government,” Stretton said in the letter.

Stretton said he feels confident that Griffith would follow in Flood’s footsteps and “pick up his torch and make significant changes for the better for Luzerne County.”

Griffith called the endorsement an “honor” and said Flood is the type of public servant that all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, should emulate.

“I am humbled by Mr. Stretton’s confidence and consider it an honor that he would endorse me,” Griffith said. “I think it just goes to show that my reputation as a government watchdog is appealing to people of all political parties who want someone in the courthouse whom they can trust.”

County Republican Chairman Terry Casey said Stretton’s endorsement indicates that the message being conveyed by the rejuvenated GOP crosses party lines.

“Steve Flood is a Democrat who defeated the powerful Democratic political machine,” Casey said. “When he got into office, he proved he was a true public servant and worked for the people, not for the party. We now know that Steve Flood knew when something was amiss, long before the rest of us knew. That’s what we can expect when Walter Griffith is our controller.”


Anonymous said...

WOW Sam Stretton endorses WAlleye Griffith. Who cares that he was Floods Lawyer. Flood was the visionary that saw through the charade. What tells here is he is Carollee's lawyer and he is doing this for her. Wally can't shine Floods shoes or change his tires. The way he sounds off about everything , he gives the impression of a smart man. Sorry, he loses in that regard because as Tim Grier leaves his side he will be lost.

Anonymous said...

Walt would make a fantastic controller. Sam had an opportunity to see better than anyone what Steve Flood was trying to do. If Sam sees that in Walt, best to take notice and consider giving him your vote.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the Times Leader Controller interviews posted on their web site.

Anyone who watches them and does not see that Toole is the absolute best one for the job must be brain dead.

Sam Stretton is obviously looking for another term as the Controller's solicitor. I wonder if he ever spoke with Morgan or Toole? I doubt it. His actions in this matter is disgraceful. Looks like Stretton needs a lesson on attorney ethics because I think they have a problem with public begging.

Anonymous said...

Look, Stretton is a lawyer but he's also a nut. I'm against anybody he's for.

Anonymous said...

Walter is the prototypical hypocritical republican. Morals for everyone, except himself. Please let us not vote this person in.

Anonymous said...

Walter Griffith endorsed by the Times Leader. Do these people have no concern for County government? Griffith and Carrolee under the dome at the same time and Petrilla pulling the strings of government. WTF

Anonymous said...

Looks like the original statement by the Times Leader that they were going to "inflict" their newspaper on Luzerne COunty meant much more than that. Apparently they plan to inflict Walter Griffith and Carrolee as well as Gina on the county also. Well, all we can do is vote and for none of the above. This is a serious situation and the Times Leader is treating it as though it were another Shriner's circus. There is trouble in River City and it's spelled Walter,Carrollee and Gina.