Monday, October 26, 2009

This is the matchup many of you wanted

The New York Yankees won the AL pennant tonight and will now take on the defending champs Phillies in the World Series. Most people that I know are fans of one these teams, in some cases both. This is the dream match up NEPA. So who will win? Vote on the sidebar and share your thoughts in the comments.


Austin said...

My dad and I Yankee fans. Though I haven't followed sports nearly as much in the past few years, I am really happy.

All of my friends are phillies fans and despise the Yanks.

Just for the record: The Yankees will supply the Phillies with a well deserved pounding. I mean an epic pounding too. Children will sing songs about this pounding.

Philly will adopt a day of mourning for what is left of those pour souls forced to endure such poundation... They're gunna loose, I guess would be the main point I am trying to get across here.

Yanks in 5 and Girardi wins a Nobel

BTW Mean Old Man is a Yankee fan right? He seems like the type.

Forrest Gump said...

Mean Old Man is a Phillies fan, sorry Austin.

I'm in that rare group of people who happens to love both of these teams. I guess if pushed I'd like to see the Phillies win only because the Yankees have already won 26 of these things and even though they haven't won since 2000 I think it would mean more to the Phillies.

Coal Region Voice said...

The Angels "D" looked like some of the softball teams which I was a member. Still the Yanks only managed a paltry 4 to 5 runs a game in the playoffs.

If the Phillies could get some fly balls to hit the bandbox, could be short Series.

Wouldn't it be great if the Eagles beat the "Midgets" on Sunday and the Phillies add a sweep Sunday night. I have to remember it is Philadelphia and usually dreams like that happen in reverse.

Mean Old Man said...

To Hell with the World Series!!! Baseball today is a prissie sport; not like in my day when we had "real" baseball players. Ol' Babe Ruth could drink and eat with the best of them, stay up all night and still make it to the field to pop a few out of the ballpark!! And he could pitch, too!! Not like the sissys today who can't even sometimes run for themselves around the bases!! OL' Joltin Joe DiMaggio had Marilyn Monroe, A-Rod has Madonna---enough said!!! What a bunch of sissys for pitchers too!!! In my day Sandy Koufax would take the mound for the whole game, and it didn't matter if he was sick, either. Now these prissy pitchers can only play for half the game on a good day!!! To hell with the Yanks (they ain't been good since Mantle and Billy Martin [now there was a "man"!]) and to hell with the Phillies (they ain't been good since Whitey Ashburn). COme to think of it, to Hell with you all!!! Hope you have fun at the debate, which I was not invited too!!!!!!

Dana said...

I'm still rooting for the Cincinnati Reds!