Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kaufer and Mundy on the air

The HRCC produced an ad for Aaron Kaufer that is running on cable. I spotted it on the Weather Channel over the weekend. Great timing having a spot on the WC as a hurricane is on the way.

It hits Phyllis Mundy on the 3 P's. Pay raise, Pensions and Per Diems.

The Mundy camp responds:

Rep Mundy's opponent's campaign represents everything good people hate about politics and politicians.   What is especially interesting is where the funding for the ad comes from. His expense report shows that it comes from the party bosses in Harrisburg (HRCC). Rep Mundy's funds come from a broad cross section of small and large donors throughout the district. Mundy's opponent campaign has been completely negative and has failed to list any qualifications, life experiences, or work experiences that would make him qualified to represent the 120th legislative district.

A response ad from the Mundy campaign is airing on the local broadcast channels. It's a standard man/women on the street spot  reminding us that she fights the special interests and utility companies defending her vote on the pay raise by saying she donated it to charity. It closes with Phyllis making her case.

It's not good when a long time incumbent is playing defense in the the last week of the campaign.

Kaufer snagged the endorsement from some west side Democratic officials.

From the inbox:

Aaron Kaufer, Republican candidate for State Representative, has received the enthusiastic endorsement of Democratic officials throughout the 120th legislative district.  Seven elected Democrats, including four of the six Council Presidents in the 120th, have thrown their full support behind Kaufer’s campaign against 22-year incumbent, Democrat Phyllis Mundy.

In a letter explaining their endorsement, Denise Adams (Exeter Borough Council President), Jack Ruane (Exeter Township Chairman of Supervisors), Michael Jancuska (Luzerne Council President), Michael Berish (Pringle Council President), and Luzerne Borough Council members Jason Tarreto, Mary Ellen Schell and Judy Gober.

Phyllis shows her juice:

HARRISBURG, Oct. 23State Rep. Phyllis Mundy announced that West Pittston will receive a $1.65 million low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority to replace undersized and misaligned sewer lines.
"This loan will help West Pittston modernize its sewage and storm water collection systems, and in doing so, protect the health of residents as well as the environment," said Mundy, D-Luzerne. "I'm pleased that the state is aiding this important project."
Sewage and storm water collection lines are combined in the community, and that has caused raw sewage to back up into basements. It also has resulted in street flooding.

Another poll on the sidebar. Again the question is not who you are voting for but who do you think will win?

Can the kid knock off a longtime legislator?  Tell us your predictions in the comments.


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Anonymous said...

I am a Republican in the 120th, and I have voted both for and (mostly) against Phyllis over the years. This time, though I am voting FOR her. I truly don't understand how the Republican Party bosses thinks that a kid fresh out of college with no substantive ideas (at least distinguishable from what Phyllis already supports) can run against a 2 decade incumbent. Especially one, whom their own attack ads admit is a 'Nice Person." In a 20 year career, the BEST mud they can sling at her is pay raise votes from over seven years ago? Kaufer's naivete was palpable in the debate, and his statements that he would vote and work against his own party are laughable considering the money they are spending on him. Something is Rotten in Denmark (or the 120th), methinks, if the Republicans are throwing so much money behind this kid WHO IS NOT READY for this office. I can only think that this has something to do with Phyllis' opposition to the wild-west attitude of the Gas industry. I may not agree with many things that the Democratic party stands for, but Phyllis has done okay by me -- and I would only vote against her in the future if a SERIOUS and HONEST candidate steps up.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that Dem council members are supporting him speaks volumes about the race. We all know that many legislators will hold a grudge against those local government officials who campaign against her. It is almost a death ticket for state funding. Why take such a big risk if they didn't think victory was in sight? Maybe they have nothing to lose because they have already been ignored by Mundy, but I think these Dem endorsements mean the race can be won by Kaufer

Zen said...

I just wrote a nice piece about this race...well as nice as I get any way