Saturday, November 23, 2013

JFK: 50 years later

My friend David Yonki has had the best retrospective of any local media outlet on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's murder. The well researched posts on The LuLac Political Letter and his media tour that gave us a local perspective has been outstanding. 

I usually discount conspiracy talk but when you look at the Zapruder film it's obvious that the 3rd shot came from the front. I'm too young remember where I was when he was killed but I remember where I was when I heard that President Reagan was shot. The Hagiography of Kennedy is annoying and Taylor Marsh doubts that he could be elected today.

 The thing that always bothered me about Oswald is he had to have been watched by the FBI or some other agency. A Marine who defects to the Soviet Union, get's mixed up with pro-Castro groups and even visits the USSR embassy in Mexico City that the CIA knew about.

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