Thursday, November 14, 2013

What! No corn dogs for lunch?

According to the TL new Luzerne County Convention Center Authority member Alex Milanes has probably pissed off the other members of the board in his first meeting by calling attention to the sandwiches that were served for free. This is a real stand on principle as I have never known Alex to skip a meal. Maybe the solution to the perceived ethics violation is they all kick in a couple of bucks for lunch.

Some guy headed to Seattle and Alex at Blogfest

No such thing as a free lunch? There is for arena authority

 In more important news: Another authority committee is reviewing options to continue improving the arena sound quality. Acoustics have been an issue because the building is cavernous, Cupinski said. A new soundboard, acoustic panels and additional speakers have made a difference and prompted praise from many arena-goers, and the board is studying the benefits of reconfiguring the placement of speakers, she said.

 The acoustics in the place needs improvement. Unless you are on the floor in the first section the sound quality stinks. 

After  Alex was appointed to the position a local politico cried politics because she wasn't appointed. 


LOL stuff from Pure Bunkum

Kathy Kane Sounds Off On Playing Politics. Public Laughs Out Loud.




Anonymous said...

Good job Alex Milanes! It is good to see a public servant that stands on principle and takes pride in doing his job ethically. I predict he is going places!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Kane whines about not being appointed...Alex Milanes exposes an issue. Good job County Council for getting it right this time and electing Alex Milanes.

Anonymous said...

Kane is mad because Milanes is stylin' on her.

Anonymous said...

Milanes is a pro-homosexual Republican and that photo proves it. What
sort of votes does he think he is gonna get when he runs for office
again if he is pictured with a homosexual socialist like Casey Evans.
Gort did not mention him but he made the mistake of tagging him, so we
all know who it is! Headed away from W-B? NO. He should be made to
stay and live under his beloved and DIVERSE W-Bs crime rate. NO Evans,
you CANT get married to a man, you CANT smoke marijuana dope, you CANT
help your tart women friends kill their children in their wombs, you
will NOT get your precious socialized medicine, this is all the LAW OF
THE LAND. It WILL NOT change!!!!!You should HAVE to live under it just like the rest of us and
ACCEPT it! KNOW AND KEEP YOUR PLACE. You canot run from rightful laws
you can only obey them! Milanes should distance himself from this
communist if he ever wants to get one GOP vote. It is like when
Christie HUGGED OBUMMER. It is not gonna help you and you should NEVER
Is THIS the type of job he is gonna do on the gaming board?? Are we
gonna see a rainbow parade at the arena or at the casino? Is there
gonna be men who dress like ladies doing gay dope in public like in
Kalifornia? He saved $1 and that is a good thing but big deal but is
Milanes on the gaming bord that important that we will risk turning
into San Frakfreako so that lesbians with combat boots and metal
through their noses will vote for us? Republican voters want better
Mister Milanes they want America to be America not gay flaming America
and Evans is
F laming
A nd
G ay

Alex Milanes said...

Mr. Anonymous 12:31pm,

I strongly oppose gays receiving free lunches who sit on Luzerne County Authorities, Boards and Commissions.

I'm Alex Milanes and I approve this message.

Gort said...

12:31 sounds like it was written by the love child of Professor Clever and The Mean Old Man

Anonymous said...

12:31 -

I don't even know where to start. I could go through your tirade, line by line, and tear it apart like wet cardboard. I could tell you that your comment is worth less than hot, wet garbage on a sunny day. I could respond to what appears to be a rant that you typed drunkenly typed up at 12:31 AM (at least I hope it's AM, and not PM, because if it's PM, you need to go to a meeting of some sort) with something eloquent and poignant; something classy that would most certainly be called for in this situation.

I could divert the attention back to Alex Milanes, who did a good thing this week and took a reasoned, ethical and principled stance and demonstrated great integrity as a public servant, because he's the subject of the post and deserves credit for taking the position he did.

I could steal a line from 'Veep' and tell you that "you're not really a man, you're like some rough, early draft of a man, you know? Like they didn't have time to add fine details like skin pigmentation or self respect and stuff? You're Frankenstein's monster... if Frankenstein's monster was made entirely out of re-animated dead dicks."

I could respond with a simple Youtube link that would make my point for me. For example:

I could express my sentiments in a lovely e-card, like this one:

I could respond with a wise quote from some Anonymous author, like "If you support passing laws that hurt a number of people to demonstrate your morals, then you have no morals to demonstrate."

I could simply type in "LOLOLOLOL" because that's kind of what I did when I read your comment.

I could make the point that it's the keyboard warriors like you that, after you brush the dirt from your knuckes that you've been draggng behind you all day, that give a bad name to conservatism, to NEPA, and to humanity in general.

I could do all of that. However, I'll keep my response simple this time:

Anonymous 12:31... Bite me.

Casey Evans

Stephen Albert said...

I never ceased to be amazed by the courage of someone who refuses to sign his/her own name to something.

- Steve Albert

Unknown said...

Huzzah, Casey! You totally "Janewayed" him! Bullies everywhere, Beware!

Un-anonymously signed,

Sabrina A. McLaughlin

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It would seem the distinguished and opionated non-serving "wingers" are trying to make a point........they have obviously forgotten to never engage in land war in Asia....but most importantly, never mess with a ,(Cuban) when death is on the line!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sabrina -

To be compared to the first Starfleet captain to navigate 70,000 lightyears, lost in space, back home without any support of any kind is truly an honor. Engage.