Friday, November 01, 2013

Kokura hits back

Why can't we all get along

It was nice while it lasted when both candidates stayed positive.  The Pittston District Judge  race was described by PAPolitics as just plain fun local NEPA politics.

Now it is really fun NEPA local politics with dueling attack ads as we get closer to the election. Jerry Mecadon slammed Alex Kokura for her lack of courtroom experience and tied her to the hiring of Red O'Brien by the Pittston Area School District inferring a relative engineered it after he lost the primary by 8 votes to get his support. Red trashes Mecadon in the CV. You tell me.

The Kokura camp had been running positive spots but responded immediately. In politics this is one of those ads that you keep in the drawer that you really don't want to use unless you have to.

It yells KIDS FOR CASH because Ed Mitchell handled the media for Conahan and Ciavarella and complains that a campaign tracker videotaped her at a public event.

When this is over I expect them to kiss and make up after some time for the loser to lick the wounds. They are both good people.

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