Sunday, November 03, 2013

Wilkes-Barre Area School District

From LuLac: Very simple. Ned Evans former District employee vs Kathy Grinaway a widowed, working mother who has worked in the private sector all her life. Grinaway has presented herself well, Evans I’m told has not. People have told me there is nothing wrong with have former School District employees on a School Board. I agree. But you don’t want all of them to make a majority. Already political insiders are calling it “The Coaches Club”. That is just so wrong for the district. Plus look at how this district was asleep at the wheel when Attorney Anthony Lupus overcharged for professional services. They thought that was okay.

Incumbent Christine Katsock and newcomers Joe Caffrey  and Denise Thomas won double nominations and barring some last minute scandal will probably win 3 of the 4 spots up for election. I would really like to see the end of cross filing for school board races as there is nothing more political in this area than a school board. Better yet get rid of school boards and let the IU's administer education.

I still can't forgive Katsock for voting for indicted and later convicted criminal Frank Pizzella as board president and she botched the hiring policy. For too long the hiring policy has been who you know are related to but then again that's life but it's done in such a blatant way.

The TL story by Mark Guydish asks about security and 3 of them want to put metal detectors in the schools.Denise Thomas said it would only cost $50,000. Sorry Denise, there are  a bunch of other costs with metal detectors. They have to be maintained and calibrated then you have to train people to man them so they know what they are looking for. And the biggest cost is

Do we really want to treat our kids like criminals?

So the final choice is between Evans and Grinaway with wild card Independent Sam Troy thrown in.

I like bomb throwers and rabble rousers so Sam has one of my votes and Grinaway has the other. That's only 2 votes out of 4 spots so I will write-in the Yonk.

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