Monday, November 04, 2013

Last minute emails

The election is tomorrow and a few candidates have sent me some stuff.

I don't cover Scranton or Lackawanna County unless a friend is running for office but the Mulligan camp has been sending things to me for months. This is the latest:

SCRANTON, PA - With just one day until Election Day, the Mulligan for Mayor of Scranton campaign continues to build momentum. And as the campaign continues to build, here is a look back at the numbers behind the momentum:

21,000            Number of doors in Scranton knocked on by the Mulligan Campaign

1890               Number of blocks walked in Scranton while going door-to-door

180                 Miles walked by Jim Mulligan while going door-to-door in Scranton

$154,165        Amount raised by Mulligan Campaign in less than three months

$66,703          How much less Bill Courtright's campaign raised than Mulligan in the last 3 months

41                   How many ideas Mulligan proposed to fix Scranton's finances

41                   How many more ideas Mulligan proposed than Courtright to fix Scranton's finance

1-0                  Jim Mulligan's record in debates against Bill Courtright

1                     Endorsement by the Scranton Times-Tribune of Jim Mulligan for Mayor

 Luzerne County Council candidate Eileen Sorokas talks about the budget:

The County Council has many issue they are facing prior to this election. In fact, all issue are important, that affect the public. Indeed, the most important issue, beside public safety, I will have to deal with is the budget. Through life experiences I have gain skills to manage budgets and understand the suffering people undertake when they lose their homes to foreclosures due to taxation or loss of jobs from budgets cuts. The hard decisions have to be made to either increase taxes or lay off people. My Goal is to “To Hold the Line on Taxes” with staff reduction through attrition. However, the county released an unbalance budget.  Consequently, putting fear into the public and employees with having an 8% tax increase or 160 employees to be lay off. Also, the unions will be asked for $2.7Million dollars concessions or 57 layoffs. Furthermore, the county cannot get a Crediting Rating for potential refinancing of their bond issue, unless they prove they have fiscal stability for at least two years. Also, no credit rating is causing our bonds fees to increase.  Appears my Goal may be out of touch with the main stream. Indeed, I will have to work harder to achieve my goal. Consequently, the County Manager and his staff should works to reduce taxes for all the citizens of Luzerne County.
The time for talking is over, we must go back to justifying all department cost.  Zero base budgeting. No more using past figures. Also, the taxation problem is state wide, but magnified with Luzerne County’s high debt. Furthermore, our State legislators should be working with our county to fine solutions. Indeed, there are some bills in the house and senate for tax relief using the States Income Tax and Sales Tax. Maybe, a local Drink Tax. However, the bills are not going anywhere. Incidentally, the Gaming Industry was for property tax relief, how much are we getting?  We have a Casino in Luzerne County and the county get very little if any benefit. We must look at other ways of taxation besides property taxes. Certainly, new taxation in the future to be equal for all citizens. By council working together and making it a goal, I believe the end result will be positive for all citizens of Luzerne County.

  Thank you 

Eileen M. Sorokas for County Council

As does Kathy Dobash:

 Luzerne County Citizens:

I attended the first public hearing about the Luzerne County Budget.
Below is the audio.  If you fast forward to the end of the meeting you will hear the intimidation thrown at citizens who stayed to speak during the public comment portion of the forum.
The County Solicitor is instructed to time everyone. 
10-29-2013 - First Luzerne County Public Budget Hearing
First I want to say, public comment should be allowed at the beginning of the meeting.  The meeting should take place in a larger room. 
A  tax hike of 8% was suggested throughout the meeting.
The majority of County Council did not want to hear the public outcry.  They are out of touch with those who live on a fixed income and working families.
The next scheduled budget hearings are:
November 12th, 18th and 19th.
My name is Kathy Dobash. I am a candidate for Luzerne County Council.
 I oppose tax hikes.  They hurt families and businesses.
On Tuesday, November 5th, help me OPPOSE the 8% tax hike.

Political Rants: 

Tomorrow is election day here in Pa. I am urging everybody to get out and vote. In particular (no fainting please) vote for Bednar for Controller and Harry Haas for council.

In the controller race, as much as it pains me to ever endorse a democratic candidate, this is an easy call to make. Sometimes the devil you don't know is a far better pick than the one we all know all too well.

For county council I am hoping everybody votes for just Harry Haas. Harry is a man of exceptional character and honesty and he deserves all of our votes.

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