Saturday, November 02, 2013

Luzerne County Controller

Democratic nominee Michelle Bednar had a LTE published in the CV today and Republican Carolee Medico Olenginski  responded by sending out an email to the media including us lowly Bloggers. . This is the top race in this year's election. I'll have more on this contest over the weekend.

 Michelle in the CV:

Michelle Bednar: I have financial experience


As a candidate for the position of Luzerne County controller, I ask voters to compare my experience, employment and education with the other candidates in the race. I feel very strongly that my qualifications set me apart to fulfill the necessary duties and requirements from the very first day in office. 

The controller serves as the independent watchdog over fiscal and management activities while also monitoring and examining government operations. The controller also has the authority to conduct fiscal performance audits for nearly every facet in county government to ensure transparency and foster trust with taxpayers. 

For the past 25 years, I have worked in finance and management within the public and private sectors. This has given me a wide breadth of experience that I will apply wisely as your controller.
For ten years, I served as the branch office manager of an investment securities firm where I administered and reconciled client accounts and contracts. I also worked with internal regulatory auditors and created reports. During my 10 years in banking, I successfully cross trained in both operations and finance. I have supervised employees in many aspects of business including payroll, bookkeeping, and ensuring valid and accurate payment of income, dividends, and commissions. In addition, I have proudly served as the elected tax collector of Conyngham Township since 2009. This experience will allow me to audit both the finances and operations of the county. 

I have confidence that my employment and education will be great assets to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as Luzerne County controller and humbly ask for your vote on election day, Tuesday, November 5. 

Michelle Bednar

From an email from Carolee:

Response to Bednar’s letter to the Editor:

If Bednar had not gone negative on me in the zero hour, I would not be responding to her letter published in the Citizens’ Voice today and I expect her letter will also appear in the Times Leader and Standard Speaker in the next few days before the election. 

In her letter she implies that my experience, employment and education were inferior to hers.  The facts are that Bednar’s educational credential is an “associate’s degree in tourism and travel management from the LCCC.”   Her 25 years in management are questionable for she would have started in management at 22 years old (with no educational 4 year degree). 

She was underestimating the intelligence of the voters when she asked them to compare her experience, employment and education with me, implying that she had superior qualifications.

As a struggling single mom raising 4 children I graduated with honors from the University of Scranton with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Science degree in Human Resource Administration.  When I was unable to afford my last year I studied harder and pulled a 4.0 that awarded me a scholarship enabling me to graduate.  I am proud of my education because I got it as an adult student who was going through many sacrifices and hardships.

Since 1985 I was a management consultant, award winning motivational seminar facilitator and I have over 20years experience as a successful manager including my proven record of excellence in government.  The Prothonotary’s office has become one of the best in the state for efficiency, productivity, profit and service at peak performance.  We were the first 3rd class county to offer access to records online and e.filing for legal documents.  I am responsible for researching, reporting possible embezzlement to the secret service and stopping the LRW (Little Red Wagon) scheme that was being mismanagement and misspending over $900,000.

These are my experiences, employment and formal 6 years educational degrees.  The University of Scranton would take issue with Bednar’s claims that an associate’s degree trumps a bachelor’s and master’s from their fine school.

I would welcome the voters to compare my documented qualifications with my opponent’s allegations.  I would also welcome a public debate with my opponent any time, any venue between now and Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we need background checks on these candidates to verify their employment and experience claims.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Bednar's letter can be interpreted as "Going negative". Seems as though Carolee is picking a fight. (How uncharacteristic of her)