Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kane: Boys should not be able to look at porn

 Attorney General Kathleen Kane said she is a victim of a witch hunt because she exposed some people were looking at porn.

That was her defense to charges that she committed perjury, obstructing the administration of law, official oppression, conspiracy and false swearing for releasing information from a 2009 grand jury probe to a Philadelphia newspaper in 2014.

She contends that the charges popped up right after the email porn scandal although she said  her defense wouldn’t be that an old boys network was after her.

“My defense will be I broke no laws of this Commonwealth. Period,” she stated.

Then there is her confusion about movies. PennLive:   "Boondog Millionaire" at the news conference, which left some wondering did she mean "Slumdog Millionaire" or "Boondock Saints"?


Kane plans to stay attorney general, fight

 BREAKING: Kathleen Kane Seeks to Shift Focus in Press Conference


In somewhat related news Kane's company is shelving natural gas trucks because one of them exploded via Scott Cannon:

Kane Trucking mothballs natural gas trucks after fire, sues maker



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Anonymous said...

Kane has nothing to do with the trucking business, she is separated.