Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dan Meuser for Congress

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived. Dan Meuser has a website and has made it official.

Here is his press release announcing his candidacy. Thanks to Ray Zaborney for sending it to me.

Meuser Runs for Congress

Conservative Businessman Seeks To Represent PA-10

Dan Meuser, President of Pride Mobility Products, today filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission formalizing a run for Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District.

“After careful consideration and consultation with my family, community and party leaders as well as constituents across our District, I have decided to seek the Republican nomination to represent Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District,” Meuser said.

Meuser has spent the past 20 years working with his family and the workforce at Pride Mobility to transform the business from a small furniture company with 25 employees to a worldwide leader in mobility products with over 1000 employees based in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Dan has helped build Pride Mobility into a force in the local economy, purchasing more than $30 million dollars in local companies and compiling sales of over $350 million annually. For the fifth year in a row under Dan’s leadership, Pride Mobility has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania.

“I believe that my unique experience of growing a small business into an international leader prepares me well to deal with the fiscal challenges facing our nation today,” Meuser said. “I know the importance of balancing a budget, the need to provide family sustaining jobs, and the burden that over regulation can impose on the economy.”

As President of Pride Mobility; Dan became an advocate for Americans with disabilities and senior citizens across the country. As a leader in his industry, Dan has taken the fight for access to mobility products for senior citizens and the disabled directly to some of the most powerful decision makers in Government.

“I’ve seen firsthand how government works, and in many ways, Washington DC is broken,” Meuser said. “I have spent much time advocating for the rights of senior citizens and the disabled, and have seen far too often in Washington the politics of special interests defeat common sense solutions that would best serve the interests of our citizens.”

Dan believes being an effective Representative for the 10th Congressional District means focusing on district issues and accomplishing goals. Meuser said, “My business record is about setting and accomplishing goals for our employees and our customers. I plan for my political record to reflect a pattern of working with all levels of government and community leaders to get things done here at home.”
Dan is a conservative Republican who has been active in supporting Republicans at the local, state, and federal level. In the past 7 years alone he has donated over $125,000 dollars to Republican candidates and party committees.

“I am proud to be a conservative, both fiscally and socially. I believe that we need to balance the federal budget, extend the tax cuts that have made our economy strong, and work to protect the conservative values of our district,” Meuser said. “I will fight to protect our right to bear arms, the sanctity of life, to secure our borders and oppose Amnesty.”

Meuser stressed the need for a strong military as well.

“As a member of Congress, I will make defending our national security our number one priority,” Meuser said. “We need to win the Global War on Terror. And, in Iraq, supply our military with whatever the commanders deem necessary to accomplish our goals in the most effective and expeditious manner possible, so our troops may return home successfully.”

In other Pa-10 news Chris Hackett has raised a ton of money in just a month. His press release courtesy of Dave Madeira.

Dallas, PA – Business and community leader Chris Hackett has established himself as the
Republican to beat in the race to unseat liberal Democrat Chris Carney after just 31 days of
active campaigning.

The Chris Hackett for Congress Campaign Committee today announced it will report over
$245,000 cash on hand as of the September 30, 2007 filing deadline. At the same point in the
2005 cycle, Carney for Congress reported less than $14,000 in the bank.

“My wife Ramah and I are grateful to have the strong support of so many business leaders and
grassroots activists from across this district and throughout Pennsylvania ,” said Chris Hackett.

“Pennsylvanians know that they are getting a bad deal from Washington . Liberal politicians are wasting too many of our tax dollars and not effectively securing our borders. They remain mired in partisan bickering. It’s time for change. Northeastern Pennsylvania needs a Congressman who will fight for taxpayers, work to create jobs and make America strong and safe.

That is what I intend to do.”

Vince Sweeney is weighing the pros and cons of running for office and Paul Swiderski will be kicking off his campaign at the Pierce Street Deli on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Well it's oficial, let the games begin. Dan's announcement is a positive statement of his qualifications, and his intentions, it should prove to be an interesting couple of months.

And as far as official goes, apparently Dave Maderia IS Hackett's political director, seemed to be a bit of confusion regarding their relationship.

I'm predicting an exciting contest between Meuser & the tag team tandem of Hackett/Maderia...or should it be Maderia/Hackett?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear that Chris Hacket has raised so much money .. How much is his own ? I bet almost all of it.. Will you show us the list Dr Maderia ?

Anonymous said...

fec requires full disclosure of all contributors and loans to the campaign.

Anonymous said...

No, actually they don't. only donations of over $200.

Anonymous said...

Hackett and Meuser suck! Can't we get a real candidate? We're going to give this election to Carney!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Meuser says that he has "seen... the politics of special interests defeat common sense solutions."

Now, is advocating for the rights of senior citizens to have mobility products an act of altruism when you happen to manufacture mobility products?


No doubt NEPA needs businesses that "supply family sustaining jobs", but Mr. Meuser's press release lashes out at exactly who he is - an individual who lobbied on behalf of individuals when he knew the end result would benefit him financially. I am not saying that seniors should or should not have access to scooters, but I would be curious to know how many millions of dollars in Medicaid find their way to the Pride coffers annually. Would Mr. Meuser support eliminating the federal benefits that pay for scooters for individuals who have never worked a day, live in public housing and buy cigarettes with their ACCESS cards?

Anonymous said...

t.g. I have a question. What does your question have to do with a candidates worth? As far as I know, Pride doesn't deal with the people who use these things. They sell to stores and pharmacies and whoever else sells scooters and stuff. So they are a manufacturer who sells to retailers.
And I'll bet all the businesses in the area of Pride love having them there when people stop and purchase stuff on their way to and from work or for lunch.
But again, all of this has nothing to do with a candidates qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00pm,

Medicare dollars (to the tune of 1.2 Billion dollars) pays for electric wheelchairs, and Meuser hires a DC lobbyist (can you say, "special intrest"?)to keep the money flowing.

I guess that qualifies him to be a politician, but not my representative...

Anonymous said...

Dan needs someone to edit his webite

Reducing Runaway Spending
As President of a major employee, Dan Meuser knows what it’s like to put together a budget that funds priorities while prioritizing funds.

I did not know one could be president of a major employee

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00pm:

Huh? WTF?!? His 'worth'? He says one thing but does another.

As a manufacturer that sells to a retailer, I am sure GM has never hired a lobbyist to convince Congress that more federal employees should be given staff vehicles. No, why would the manufacturer do that?

As the president of a large company, I am sure he is 'worth' plenty, but as a candidate who cannot even hide his blatant hypocrisy in his press release announcing his candidacy, he ain't 'worth' sh*t.

WTF - worth. Whatever.

And yes, he does need someone to better edit his site.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I think it's hillarious how many temps the Hackett/Madeira ticket hired to jump on these blogs not that Meuser announced. Guys, it's a long time till April. Save some of your venom.
Oh and Dave, just so you know, Chris is telling people the "real" reason he brought you on board. Stand up for yourself Dave.

Anonymous said...

Hackett/Maderia- good job on getting your lackies to post already. Dave how does it feel to be working for a self professed "skin trader". Also, the real reaason you were brought on board is to take care of the Christian coalition. He needed somebody because he is a self professed pro choice candidate. I acutally had more respect for you Dave, but I guess you don't have any respect for yourself. Selling your soul and dignity for some money.

Anonymous said...


Yeah GM probably doesn't use lobbyists...get real.

The Maderia/Hackett ticket, or "MAD-HAX", as I know prefer to call them, (with apologies to Mel Gibson,and MAD-MAX), have tried very possible tactic to disguise the fact that Meuser is much more qualified then them to assume a leadership role in Congress.

Heck, I'd be scared as well, I wonder if Dr. Dave will take his impending defeat as a personal rebuff from the voters, or merely a proxy loss...time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Meuser and Hackett both suck and they both don't belong in Congress. We need a real candidate. Obviously both of these abusers of the system have enough time to make anonymous posts about each other. Let's recruit a real candidate before it's too late. I beg you republicans, let's find someone worth our vote!

Anonymous said...

the best candidate decided not to run....

Anonymous said...

anon 11:30,
That makes lots of sense.
If you're referring to Dave, well, he is running with Chris (as his lap dog to attract the Christian right).
If you're referring to Peters, he has way too many wives, ex-wives, and future wives to not be a liability.
Just curious as to who is the "best" that decided not to run.

Anonymous said...

#1 tg = tim grier

#2 I do not work for any of the clowns (and thus far they are ALL clowns, in my opinion) who have thrown their funny clown hats into the 11th-ring-circus.

kar, short for karma I expect, which means I hope that you eventually get yours, my comments about GM were ironic. Perhaps you are aware of the literary device. No obviously you are not, because you were unable to understand a rather clear point being made.

Meuser's hypocrisy is right there for all to see in his campaign annoucement, and Hackett did a fine job of convincing me he's not the man in Gort's interview. (Good job again on that, Gort, maybe hit some of the county candidates up for an interview, eh?)

I am a vet, so although he needs a tremendous amount of polish, I am still sticking with Mr. Carney for now.


Anonymous said...

tg, don't you mean 10th-ring-circus

Anonymous said...

I'm with you tg. I heard Meuser on WILK talking about his scooters and he said he wanted to "Cut through the red tape in Washington" so companies can operate more freely. No surprise for a guy who relies on the government for revenue. I wonder how much his company receives from Medicare and Medicaid. We don't need another "Fiscal Conservative" like him.

Anonymous said...

Um.......anonymous 10:45, your question about Medicare was answered on another blog. Sorry you missed it. Pride doesn't deal with any person who uses their product. They sell to wholesalers and retailers. That's where their money comes from. So go back to Hacket/Madeira and tell them to quit this line of thought and try and find a new one. This one's falling flat.

Anonymous said...

Meuser, stop reading blogs and making posts, move back to Jackson Twp and leave the good residents of the 10th alone. Let's find the right candidate and it's not these two self-important morons we have now!!!

Anonymous said...

Please Anon 11:59, don't insult our intelligence. That's like saying Ford doesn't deal with the people who use their product, they deal with retailers and wholesalers, so that's where their money comes from.

If it wasn't for the people who use the product, neither one would be in business. Far from falling flat, this line of thinking is resonating with people.

It comes up again and again, like on Sue Henry's show on WILK when she asked about his contributions to Rangel and other liberal Democrats. Meuser has the gall to say, and I quote,

"Those who support your issues, you want to help keep in office."

Does Charlie Rangel really support conservative issues?

Anonymous said...

Scott you must have one of those high def radios where you can hear things others can't. See, the question was addressed regarding Pride's PAC donating to a few dems. Dan didn't say anything about his personal issues. It was the companies issues which, as president, he is employed to protect.

Anonymous said...

From Federal Election Committee Website

Funny how Hackett can claim raising $240k+ for his campaign, but there is no individual records for contributions. Is that like how some places in the area put a couple of their own dollars in the tip jar first to encourage people to give?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36,

Employed? It's a family business! The PAC was started by the family with family money.

The donations to liberal Democrat Charlie Rangel were PERSONAL donations (the maximum amount allowed by law for THIS YEARS primary) by both Dan Meuser and his wife Shelley, not to mention other family members.


Personal issues, company issues, if the company benefits, Meuser benefits, not a bad thing. But don't try to pass it off as "strictly business" when it really looks more like "funny business"

Anonymous said...

Scott, if the company benefits, so do the 1200 employees. What do you have against the people who work at Pride Scott??
Do people want to see your employer suffer set backs and lay people off? Man, talk about a liberal. "I hate success." And don't give me that crap about the money coming from government. You honestly think that 40% that comes out of your check doesn't make it back in to the private sector?? Hey, how about all the diners that sell food to the 1200 employees. You think they want to see Pride go under? How about all the suppliers of parts in the area and all the transit companies that carry the product?
If you want to go after Meuser, try finding some personal reason. Not by trashing his "evil" company that, by the way, was once again named one of the best places to work in PA. Huh, I don't remember seeing Source One on that list.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Tom, you missed the part where I said "if the company benefits, Meuser benefits, not a bad thing." I am not "going after" the company, and I have several friends who work there, so don't try to project that on me.

I love success, successful people and making money, and I know how "trickle down" works. I just don't want it to come "trickling down" from the govenment!

If you've got nothing against the government spending 40% of your check as they see fit, why don't you just send them the whole thing and let them give you back what they want. I'm sure they will take good care of you...

Anonymous said...

it is obvious that Scott is John Scott. You worked with Maderia before and you are his little lap dog. You don't know a damn thing about how the Medicare system works and how home care and equipment will save billions of dollars of tax dollars. Look at Vermont- they mandate that everybody needs to have all avenues of home care looked at first before they go into a nursing home. Why?? because home care saves the state and the taxpayers millions of dollars. The average cost of a nursing home is $45,000 per year. if we can keep people home than we save that money. The $45,000 is half paid by the state and half paid by the federal government. The biggest threat facing us fiscally is not Social Security but rather Medicare. We better start being smart and getting our costs down or we will have no money left. So you know, I own a DME company in Pike County. I know the argument because I have taken this same arguement to our existing member of Congress and he doesn't understand it (Carney). I know Pride and buy from them and I will be supporting Meuser. I like him, nothing against anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Meuser sucks. Hackett sucks. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Sources from within the campaign claim that it is almost all of Hackett's money

Anonymous said...

Anon- Question- do you suck also. Who do you recommend- Why don't you run if the other guys are so bad.

Anonymous said...

hey eddy if you want to know where hackett\\\'s money is coming from why not just check the fec web site. it is all broken down there by individual contributors.

Anonymous said...

Hey, under donations, the press release forgot to mention the tens of thousands of dollars Meuser and his family also gave to liberal democrats like Charlie Rangel, "Fast Eddie" Rendell and Kanjorski. (among others). Isn't he proud of those donations too?

PS. Remind me to send a housewarming gift...which address should I use, his home or the vacation house at Harveys Lake?

Anonymous said...

Hackett's support is all bought. His campaign is going nowhere. Madeira/ Birmelin will eventually be supporting Meuser. We can't win the 10th with a guy who runs a temp agency. I am surprised the TImes Leader still runs his ads. I saw one the other Day. APPLY TODAY START TOMORROW. 100 people needed blah blah blah. He should come right out and say Low wages and no benefits. His company is evil and so is he. The only reason he has the support of Madeira and Birmelin is because he is paying them big bucks. Sad, sad, sad... The blue collar guys won't vote for him because he takes their jobs, the republicans won't vote for him because he never supported a GOP candidate in the 20 years he has been here... Madeira should go to MEuser now and ask for a job, tell him he made a mistake... Meuser might listen... Birmelin should do the same...

Anonymous said...

The concern of voters and constituents should be that Dan Meuser is exclusively a special interests candidate who only wishes to further profits of his own company. The products that Pride Mobility sells are Medicare purchased products. If you've read the news over the last couple of years then you know of the scandals involving the over billing of the exact products that Dan Meuser sells. It has cost tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars since the late 1990s. Dan Meuser began lobbying Washington over the last 3 years to save his own business model that relies on Medicare dollars as the revenue of his company when the government cracked down on Medicare power wheelchairs. He has no connection or interest in constituents. As the election gets closer next year you'll see many more facts regarding this. Do a google search on “power wheelchair fraud”.

Anonymous said...

I did the google search. I still don't see the problem. Meuser isn't fraudulently filing medicare claims. People who need scooters should get them. Meuser needs to protect his company and his employees. I disagree with your statement about him having no interest in the constituents of the 10th. HE seems very interested. If we want to look at MEdicare/Healthcare/lobbyist abuse let's investigate the CHiropractic industry. The ACA led the way for covered chiropractic appointments with their lobbying. It is hard for me to believe that HEalth Insurance now pays for people to go for "weekly corrections" at their chiropractors office. What's next, Blue Cross/Medicaid will be paying for weekly visits to the beauty salon....

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with the person who said both do not deserve a seat in Congress. I don't think either of them have near the experience of qualifications to beat Carney - who is a conservative Democrat a lot of people in our party will go to anyway if we don't find a better candidate.
I'm glad to hear Mueser has been to Washington one time, and that makes him qualified to represent tens of thousands of people in the PA-10. But in reality, he went there for business, not to lobby for seniors. It is disgusting they are trying to play it off as such. The man has held no public office I am aware of; he just has a really big business which is subsidized by the taxpayers - what a great conservative.
And Hackett - he has 12 varsity letters from college. Woopdie-do.
Don Ely looks like the only one who has done something for the people of the PA-10 and held elected office.

Give me a real candidate!

Anonymous said...

Browsing through Meuser and Hacketts websites I found a couple of interesting things: According to Meusers website he has "been actively involved in his community, volunteering his time and resources to countless worthwhile causes" I was just wondering if Meuser could specify and name a couple of these 'causes', no im not talking about something you have donated to with your vast amounts of resources that you have aquired through the your brothers hard work or the federal government, i am talking about actually getting your hands dirty and working hard for others. I have not made a decesion as to who I am going to vote for in '08 however, I was immensly dimayed to discover Meusers lack of giving back which, as a voter, is very important to me. P.S. I don't know if anyone has noticed his picture and not to be superficial but major botox anyone?? What a man.

Anonymous said...

I am one of many victims of the dishonorable business practices from the Meusers and Pride Mobility. Right after putting in 10 years of service, I was laid off. Though my position was "eliminated," lo and behold, 7 months after that, my position came back from the dead in altered form. No longer was a college degree and experience with certain programs required, they were only "preferred." The "requirements" were a high school diploma and knowledge of MS Office. Dummy down the position, start it at a much cheaper wage. Hire a scab. So for me and hundreds of others of others, we were good enough to help the company get to the top, but the first to get tossed out when Obamacare got passed so management would not have to suffer...just non-management peons. It has taken me nearly a decade to start recovering from the fiscal and physical losses that their Pearl Harbor job inflicted on me. Glassdoor Pride Mobility - the truth is out there.