Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I watched the 6 o'clock news

Something I almost never do because I'm usually at work at this time. But I'm still sneaking over to TCM to watch Alexander the Great starring Richard Burton. I'm a history geek, what can I say.

The only reason I'm even watching the local news is for the political commercials and they are sparse on Channel 16. Before we get to the break it's the usual crime blotter, car crashes, and nonstop weather updates with someones house burning down and lawyers blaming your misfortune on someone else.

The ads.

Some woman who wants to be a Judge said the reason she wants to be one is because she is a woman.

The first local one up has Skrep and Petrilla say that they are cleaning up corruption and saved $10 Million by cutting wasteful spending then claim credit for creating 4000 jobs then go into the usual claptrap about drugs and crime.

Washo and O'Brien have nice ties and want to open up government. Then say they won't make promises they can't keep.

That's it! What a boring election.

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Anonymous said...

Skreppy cleaning up corruption - that's a joke. Nepotism is one of the biggest reasons why Luzerne County is so corrupt. Last time I applied for a county job the motto was "Let's hire people we know, not people who are qualified." Every time you hire someone who's not qualified but someone you know instead you're allowing the system to run with kinks in it. Skreppy is as guilty as the next guy for allowing corruption to happen because he hired friends. Hey Mr. Couldntplayforjacksh*tinthe nflsoidecidedtobullsh*tmywayinto politics (AKA Greg Skrepnak), was hiring your buddies your way of reducing corruption and eliminating wasteful spending? I think it would add to the wasteful spending you need to hire two more county employees to get the job done right What's worse the voters are going to be fooled by this load of crap. I have another question where are the 4000 jobs and what do they pay? 10:1 odds that he's referring to $8/hour jobs at Arena Hub at stores like Old Navy and Starbucks? Yay! Skreppy, you're my f*ckin' hero!!! I can afford a new pair of socks on $8/hour! How about some REAL jobs? You know, the kind that you're supposed to get after graduating college with promising pay scales, or are they reserved for people who do you favors? oh one last thing: Skreppy had no part in rreducing drug trafficing. It was all the state DAs office. If anyone deserves to get credit for increasing drug arrests it should be Tom Corbet and the police officers who put their lives on the line putting these sh*tholes away.