Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The State Children’s Health Insurance Program is in the news. To me it's a reasonable program to help people who are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid but don't have insurance from their employer and just can't afford it on their own. The shameless attacks by some conservative bloggers on the families that dared to tell how the program helped their situation is another story covered elsewhere.

Congressmen Kanjorski and Carney voted for the bill. Isn't that a surprise, Chris Carney voted like a Democrat as he always does on economic issues. We have our differences on the Iraq mess but Chris is a much better Congressman than the last automaton. He comes out swinging on this one and rips the Bush veto:

“We cannot lose health coverage for 10 million children without a fight”

This was an unconscionable act by the President. Since it was created in 1997, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) has always received strong bipartisan support.

Over the last ten years, the children’s health program has proven to be a popular, successful program – with 6 million children now enrolled in the program.

“It costs less than $3.50 a day to cover a child through the Children’s Health Insurance program. Insuring kids is also cost-effective for taxpayers who pick up the tab for indigent care in emergency rooms – the most expensive way to care for a child’s health – as well as because a healthy child is more likely to succeed in education and life.

“The President’s unconscionable veto of this bipartisan, fiscally responsible legislation –supported by strong majorities in the House and Senate, 43 governors, industry groups and the American people –demonstrates a complete lack of compassion for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Mr. President, you sent our troops to Iraq without a plan, you’re drive up our debt so that our grandchildren will be paying it off, but you can’t sign bipartisan legislation to provide health care to children? This is truly an unacceptable act, and I cannot support it.”

I've asked the Republican 10th CD candidates for a comment on this issue but I don't have all of their email addresses. Help me out people.

Update: I've emailed Hackett, Meuser, Ely and Swiderski asking for their thoughts. No response from any of them yet. I'm still looking for an email address for John Scott.

And there is this from Allyson Schwartz (PA-13) She asks What Has President Bush Done for Healthcare for America’s Kids? I hope you watch it because it is so powerful because because of what she doesn't say. If this speech was given anywhere but Congress it would have brought the house down.


Right Winger said...

Helping children makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy right?
Here's the problem, a 24 year old who lives and home and whos parents make $75K a year would be elegible for "government supplied" health care under this bill. That's why Bush feels this is leading to socialized medicine.
How many of you out there with children make under $80K a year?
How many would rather stop having a "family plan" deducted from your pay? Hey, the governement will pay for it.
Problem is the money has to come from somewhere. Like removing the funding for oxygen for senior and allowing another tax on smokes. How about an extra $10.00 PER CIGAR? Sure it's a sin tax but that's a little extreme.
This bill is just another dog and pony show for the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased as punch that "right winger" expressed the Republican view so clearly! Why the hell should our government help kids?? In my day kids got sick too, but they didn't whine about it asking for a government handout. You got pneumonia and layed in bed wheezing and coughing--wondering if you were gonna die--and some of our buddies did die, but we loved it!!! Because the fact is that those of us who lived were a lot stronger for the experience--and we didn't need i pods or wee games to have fun either!! We could take that situation I just spoke about and make a game out of it! Like when my pal Gummo was bedridden--and my other pals Zeke, Creep and me all took bets on whether poor Gummo would make it through the week. See all you commie liberals out there--we could take a simple think like being sick and make a damn good game out of it!! Too bad Gummo didn't make it but at least I got a quarter out of the deal. ANd so what if our sainted President is spending our treasury on freedom in Iraq. That's what America's all about--protecting freedom and liberty and making sure that those countries that don't have it get it --whether they want it or not!! Just like when Pops shoved castor oil down my throat!!!
So all you Chairman Mao loving liberals can go cry in your bottled water--as for me, I'm popping open a Steg and having a drink on all our troops and saying a prayer for all the sick kids out there--hoping they don't get any more of my tax dollars!! I hate you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"right winger" it's time for you to do some research. The PA CHIP program is not socialized medicine. First, its not free for everyone, you pay a premium depending on your income. Second, it's not gov't run, you get private insurance. The state facilitates a group buy and assumes the catastrophic risk. That make sense and it's what small business has been asking requesting for years. Head back to the right-wing webs sites to get some more talking points so you can make yourself look more foolish. Most reasonable Conservatives understand that this is good policy and in the long run will save all of us money by lowering insurance costs.

Anonymous said...

Rightwinger is dead wrong. I come from a single-parent household that makes less than $20,000 per year. I was on CHIP, and it ended the second I graduated. CHIP is/wasn't exactly socialized healthcare. You still had to pay; it just cost less for the poor children's families.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the income guidelines

My two cents on this... I beelive the govt should be doign more... BUT, the facts are out. There are millions that never registered for the S-Chip program that are eligible and secondly, it was reported that they want to allow peol emaking upwards to 80k per year to be included in the program. Thats simply not right. I say cap it at 45K and call it a day. People makkng more that that are doing "ok". They are not living high off the hog but they certainly shouldhave any major money issues unless they dont know how to budget ther cash.

There is no one solution.. there has to be intense mediation to come to a medium.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. Why should the government provide healthcare for people who are making over 80k per year. That is BS. Three cars a swimming pool and free govt run healthcare for the kids. That is outrageous. Socialism at its best. Why are we so arrogant to thik that socialism will workkk here...