Friday, October 19, 2007

The Urban Terrorist keeps asking questions

“I’m going to ask questions because that’s my job.”-Commissioner Stephen Urban

It looks like the Luzerne County budget is not balanced after all. Last year the Bond Brothers (Skrep and Vondy) presented an election year "balanced budget" that relied on some questionable revenue projections that included some hoped for money from land sales that haven't happened yet. They were also counting on another $3 million from beefed-up tax collection. How's that going? The previous 3 years they had to float a bond to just meet payroll and it looks like that will happen again but not until after the election.

They are also looking at borrowing an enormous amount of money to build a new prison but have started eminent domain proceedings to pay the owner of the Huber Breaker a kings ransom in the hope of turning that big pile of junk into some sort of anthracite magical mystery tour. Paid for by another bond.


Anonymous said...

People, please, make Skrep go and get a job in the real world. I think he would make a very good living as a used vacuum cleaner salesman. He has a knack for making money for himself by selling worthless junk (think juvenile detention center) to others (think taxpayers).

And, he sucks.

Seriously, Luzerne County is a damn laughing-stock because that buffoon is actually elected to manage an entire county. I bet when he was a kid, he couldn't manage a lemonade stand in front of his house. Picture it, he would be out there selling bonds to raise money to buy more lemons, because the money his folks lent him for lemons he gave to his friends.

@#$#*^@ Skrep @#*@!

Anonymous said...

And then you would buy the lemonade, and it would be all sour because he was skimpy with the sugar, and it was all watered down... but you wouldn't get your money back. He would have probably just laughed that stupid laugh of his and then walked off with your loot even though he just ripped you off.

Cuz that is what he is doing these days.

Anonymous said...

Football? Politics? Football? Politics? It looks to me like Skrep's record in politics is just as good as his record in football. Is that a good thing? Maybe he'd be better as a telemarketer--or not.