Sunday, October 28, 2007

Luzerne County Clerk of Courts

Democrat Bob Reilly has had the job for 20 years and seems to be doing well at it. The Times-Leader said it was a close call this time around. Sue Rossi has the managment experience to take his place but probably doesn't have the political support to replace him. Which is a shame, I would like to shake up the whole place.


Anonymous said...


In fact, although I am registered as a Dem, every one of the Republicans are getting my vote except one, Sheriff Barry Stankus. He has been as bad as the Dems, and I met that Mike Savokinas and he seems like an eager young guy willing to do the right thing for us.

Anonymous said...

Wilkes-Barre Can Survive endorses Sue Rossi. She is a charming woman and can balance the books. All well and good for Bob Reilly that he's staying ahead of the technological curve, but he's buddy-buddy with too many individuals of questionable character, and on November 6th that is going to be a thing of the past. Ms. Rossi has the ability to capitalize on Mr. Reilly's success without having to act as a pander for the good ol' boys.

Anonymous said...

I need some quesitons answered because no of you people actually realize this race. First it seems that Sue Rossi has no idea what the clerk of courts does. She even admits it in the paper. Yes balancing the books does have something to do with this office but there also many other things such as warrants and other criteria with bail bonds. Luzerne County is alittle tougher than Butler Township. And also i do not believe that Bob's books have never been unbalanced. So if your voting for her because she balances the books good then you should vote Bob too because he does it for LUZERNE County. Second i really dont get what the endorsement has to do with Luzerne County. This is not a city office she is running for. Personally i am voting for Bob because he is a honest, and great guy and knows how to run this office the right way.