Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dan Meuser speaks

Unsuccessful Republican PA 10th CD candidate Dan Meuser was interviewed by Chris Freind of The Bulletin.

He said that the Republicans got blown out in the last 2 elections because "We did a terrible job telling the average voter what we were going to do for them and poorly articulated how our policies would affect people's everyday lives." He claims that PA voters are "center right" and reminds us that Nancy Pelosi is a liberal bogeyman. He repeats the Republican mantra that tax cuts are the best solution to every problem that we face and he likes Mitt Romney for President.

He does have a good idea for party building "We need to immediately start organizing our party and reaching out to perspective voters as they turn 18, invite College Republicans to our events and have strong local party leadership. We can work together with the County organizations and committee people to set and exceed voter registration goals."

Some of the comments at GrassrootsPA about this article are surprising. One poster even accuses Meuser of undermining Republican nominee Chris Hackett.


Anonymous said...

Dan has done more to help build the republican party than most of his harshest critics, including Hackett.

He is, imo, absolutely correct in his assessment that republicans in Pennsylvania are "center right", not extreme right.

To get elected and to govern effectively a candidate must have cross-over appeal and also has to recognize the need to find consensus.

The Hackett/Toomey wing of the party seems to feel that any type of compromise is akin to betrayal, they cannot grasp that one can seek consensus and still maintain their core principles.

Dan understands this and he has worked to promote republicans ideas and ideals since the April primary, he is a genuine asset to the party.

I hope to see him run for the seat in the 10th in 2010, but I will support him in whatever he decides to pursue.


prsent said...

I agree with the center right comment as well. I also like his ideas on how to get younger voters to side with the republicans. However, I disagree with the reason why we were blown away in the last 2 elections. There's more than the one reason Dan mentions. The republican party is not investing in quality candidates, is behind the times, and needs to re-engineer itself to the principles of Reagan. These are the underlying reasons why we "did a terrible job telling the average voter...."

Anonymous said...

Center right was the problem as the tranced electorate moved further left.

Pay day is coming.

PS Who's ass are you kissing today KAR?

Anonymous said...

KAR, I think you need to shut the HELL up, you are the problem and people like yourself. You hide on blogs and think you know what you are saying. Dan and Chris are both great guys. If both Chris and Dan ran in seperate districts they would have won. Problem here is, they both ran against each other and that hurt the republican party.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of criticism of KAR on the Gort comment section.

Some, I might even agree with.

But the above, from LAR/BAR/JAR/ETC. is easily the most nonsensical.

NEPAExpat said...

Mitt Romney...

In this economic environment Dan Meuser wishes to support a former candidate who:
Was a founder of a company that made obscene leveraging fashionable and commonplace to the point where we are in the midst of the most dangerous economic environment in the last 50 years.
Profited from the use of illegal labor in his own personal business.
Increased state taxes per capita by 32% in his time in office

Does the party still hire any fact checkers or do they merely pay talking heads to repeat lies until they're accepted?


Remember, an increase in the federal debt is the same as a tax increase on the future. Between all of the bailouts thus far, our Congress and President has raised our taxes by over $1 trillion this year.

Anonymous said...

Dan is talking about repairing the party and restoring it to a position of prominence.

He is not sitting around crying over his cereal, he is taking steps to improve the party.

The nay-sayers and the malcontents can carp all they want but that doesn't move the republican agenda one iota further.

Lead, follow, or shut the hell up and get out of the way.


Anonymous said...

the more Meuser is involved the less I and other conservatives will be. the fact that anyone in the party is embracing him shows that all they care about his check book. Dan Meuser doesn't have one conservative idea in his spoiled, silver spoon fed, empty head.

Tony Thomas said...

The GOP needs to realize if they keep running extreme right candidates in states that are moderate, they will lose. The country is slowly shifting towards center left. This is a generational change. If the GOP wants to start winning big they need to dump the religious right. They need to run intelligent candidates, they need to find more diverse candidates, and they need to change their platform somewhat to appeal to a changing electorate.

They need to get serious. Saying the same old thing, only louder will not work.

Anonymous said...

advise from a fucking star trek geek... go out and do something with your fucking life before you comment on real issues. gotta be a goddam kid

Zen said...

at least a kid would know that there aren't jedi masters on star trek.

Anonymous said...

yeah because i have such little to do that i sit around watching dumb ass fantasy movies and nicknaming myself after them, kind of reminds of the guy in clerks II... okay fucking star wars.....

Zen said...

no prob anon, live long and prosper ;)

and for the record,while I don't often agree with jedi's comments, they are usually well thought thought out and conveyed.

Zen said...

and conveyed conveyed

Tony Thomas said...

Well at least I have more class than to insult a 19 year old on a blog. Or at least the intelligence not to dismiss an individual based off of their taste in film.

Beside what is it about my advise that makes you so ignorantly irate?

And thanks Zen. I think it is time for Scotty to beam us up hahahaha.