Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Idiot watch

Joe the pickup owner is driving around the Pittston area with a sign in the rear window that reads,

If your in America and can’t speak English, get the Fuck out.

Check out how "you're" is spelled. The police cited him for disorderly conduct because he used an obscenity in the message, adding that children walking to Pittston Area middle and elementary schools might see it. OMG, the children might just melt or become mass murderers if they read or hear a dirty word. I hope the Hughestown police drop this before it becomes a circus involving the ACLU and Focus on the Family.

The way I see it is that some local yokel wants to be the next Joey Vento, owner of Geno’s Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, who is famous for posting a sign at his restaurant that says “This is America. When Ordering, Speak English.” But since that has already been done Mr. Decker decided to spice up the message.

Maybe he was a classmate of this guy


Anonymous said...

Just as Congress wasted time impeaching Clinton while Al Qaeda plotted against us in the late 90's, these clowns are wasting time on a stupid sign while drug houses appear quicker than popping corn just down the lane. Ridiculous. Pittston area cops have as much professionalism as a flea. If someone can produce a genuine kid from the 1st grade on who has not ever heard the word f..k, that kid must be an alien from another planet.

Anonymous said...

well it aint a pittston cop..... and i don't git what da f--k da big deal is... he can't talk or write english so what does he know anyhow... heyna

Coal Region Voice said...

I can't believe this received TV time yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I should have said Greater Pittston: Hughestown, Duryea, Jenkins Twp. etc.

Anonymous said...

G you have to admit Joey Vento was right to put his sign up and ther City pf Philadelphia was wrong to sue him.

I know we disagree about mayor Lou but what Joey did was nothing and he is a citizen not a government.

Also he has been donateing money to ESL stuff for years

McGruff said...

Gort, I agree with the spirit of your post but there is a greater question behind that effort.

Ask the people in Mumbai how they feel about illegals entering their country after the recent terrorist attack. All of those people would be alive today, however, when you mention the word illegal the bleeding heart emerges and drowns out the voice of the victims.

The question considering Janet Napilatano's appointment is how much "bad" is acceptable nad at what price since she favors amnesty.

Anonymous said...

giggle, giggle, snort.
Thanks Gort, I needed that!


Anonymous said...

mcgruff the problem is that the ignorant fucks don't care about legal status, they hate all immigrants.

Gort said...

Vento and this guy should post any sign they want without the law coming down on them.

My point is that this genius wants people to speak English but never learned the rules of spelling and grammar.

BTW, How does a deaf person order a Cheesesteak at Gino's?

NEPAExpat said...


It's rarely the well-educated that are protesting illegal immigration. Granted it's different out here because California has yet to realize that having a societal safety net and open borders are mutually exclusive ideas because of monetary resource constraints.

...getting back on track, the real humor in the sign is that those who can't speak English would not be able to read his message and follow directions. At the very least, "Joe" should have listed his declaration in Spanish.

as in...
"Si usted está en América y no puede hablar inglés, salga la cogida" (rough babelfish translation)

Even better, the translation back to English is unoffensive, saving Joe any further harassment from local officials.

Anonymous said...

how does a deaf person order a cheasstesteak at Geno's

at first ii concede your point, but then i said must deaf people can kind of talk and blurt out a few words and they are probably speak better than the people who have lived in South philly thier entire life

D.B. Echo said...

How does a typical Philthadelphian order a cheesesteak at Geno's? The tumult of noises I have heard coming from their mouths doesn't sound much like English. (Ditto with New Yawkers, Baastonians, 90% of fact, anybody who doesn't talk like me can get the fuck out! Morans.)

McGruff said...


If you look at the picture in the Times Leader his spelling of you're is correct.

Whoever passed on the information to you wasn't correct.

As for the legal status comment I can personally tell you that the "illegal" part is the part that matters. A legal immigrant wants to do things right. If the first act you commit when you come to this country is enter it or remain here illegally, and usually multiple times, then how can you expect me to trust you to be honest with your life here. As an illegal you jumped the line where all the legal immigrants stand in. And to them it is not fair.

The word illegal has nothing to do with a person of Hispanic origin as evidenced with the 9/11 attacks.
The issue of illegal entry is not endemic to the United States. It is a global problem. Look at how Russia feels about the issue.

Illegal entry is an issue of national security. Illegal entry is not just a border issue. There are many borders in this country called ports and airports. People get here multiple ways.

Entry is not the only problem when looking at the illegal issue. Remaining here after your visa expired is the number one problem with illegal immigration.

Gang related illegals are the main problem facing Hazleton, Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Stroudsburg, Williamsport,etc. Doherty won't let his police talk about it. They will get suspended if they do. I guess the Diocese taught him that one should bury their problems and no one will know.

Lastly, children who are here illegally can be exploited. If there is no documentation there is no record. If there is no record no one is looking for you.

Look at this story out of Baltimore in 2002. I know it changed the way I looked at this issue.

"What sort of monster could murder three children in the most brutal manner — one child was beheaded and the two other were nearly decapitated. They also suffered a variety of injuries including blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. The victims, residents of Baltimore, (l. to r.) were siblings Alexis Quezada (10) and Lucero Quezada (9) and their cousin Ricardo Espinoza (9).

The two men arrested for the crime were also relatives: Policarpio Espinoza, 22, brother of the father of the two siblings, and Espinoza's cousin Adan Espinoza Canela, 17. The accused are illegal aliens as are the parents of the murdered children. Apparently the arrests were based on DNA/blood evidence."

The best information is that they were killed because the parents didn't pay the $5,000.00 fee they agreed to when they were smuggled in.

I have nothing but compassion for this issue. The problem is people don't want to investigate, only denigrate and lump those against illegal aliens as racist. If you really spent time looking into these things you would see a different picture.

I have volunteered to help Hispanics in my commnunity. I have reached out to them. The line does not blur between those who embrace this country and those who are opportunistic infections preying on compromised hosts.

The issue is not whether you can speak English. The issue is whether you are willing to come to this great melting pot and become part of the soup. If you want to stay a raw vegetable the taste is not as palatable but can be accepted. If you want to spoil the vegetables then you need to be dealt with.

There are those who feel speaking English represents becoming part of the soup. In a like manner there are those who feel the Flag of the United States symbolizes everything we stand for. In reality both are symbols of a much bigger picture, a history and legacy near and dear to everyone's heart.

Don't we all have someone in our family that we say "Ohh..that's just Frank being Frank, don't pay no never mind." Joe's just being Joe. We know he is not the sharpest tool in the shed so why be surprised when he reminds us of that fact.

Gort said...

He changed the spelling after someone pointed it out.

Chris said...

If you think the biggest problems to these coal country towns are 'gang related illegals'(what a ridiculous phrase), you have no understanding of demographics, statistics or economics.

your site is hilarious, btw

Anonymous said...

wow mcgruff u are an idiot. i guess no one born in the u.s. commits crimes and many of the 9/11 folks were here legally...

and the idiot with the sign on back of his car changed the spelling after steve corbett pointed it out. and i have heard him on the radio, he speaks heynabonics, dis, dat and dos... if you want everyone to speak english learn the fucking language....

Tony Thomas said...

I did have a thought. What about immigrants who are here legally, but lived most of their lives in their natural country and because of that they speak English with a thick accent which can make their speaking hard to understand. Many of the people like Joe may just rally against these legal immigrants too. This is a very slippery path especially considering half of the people bitching about foreigners not speaking English, cannot even speak English well enough the way it is!

Anonymous said...

As Bugs would say "What an ultra-maroon"

Anonymous said...

Bad judgement on his part but not illegal. If this type of citation is allowed what's next? No matter how you feel about the word he used you must agree this is one step against freedom of speech. One of the many freedoms we are fortunite to have and one of which many died defending. This is not about illegal imigrants, it all boils down to the right to say what you believe in regardless of how others feel about the subject.

Tony Thomas said...

Oh on the subject of his usage of the word "fuck" I'm on his side with that. I feel he does have the right to use it.