Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Idiot watch

The girl that spraypainted swastikas and other hateful stuff on a Wilkes-Barre synagogue has been sentenced to jail.

WILKES-BARRE – Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. on Monday sentenced 19-year-old Nora Rynkiewicz to nine to 18 months in county prison followed by three years of probation.

The shrinks offered the usual psychobabble explaining her behavior which may be valid because I have a hard time understanding how such a young girl could be so full of hate. I think the sentence is excessive for an act of vandalism. She should probably spend a short time in jail and make restitution and be on probation as ordered by the Judge. He could have have been creative by putting her in a community service requirement such as working at the Jewish Community Center as a condition of probation.


D.B. Echo said...

Here I thought that this was some sort of last-minute Christmas gift idea. An Idiot Watch would tell you the time, date, and where you're supposed to be, what you're supposed to be doing, and what you have forgotten that would have made it possible to do it.

I'm not sure working at the JCC would be such a good idea. Perhaps she can be an after-hours janitor's assistant at a high school, cleaning up the crappy mess that other insufferable teen assholes have made.

Anonymous said...

18 months is way to long, I hate hate crimes, Destucyion of property is destrcution of property.

I think DB's solution is best becuase i bet she was the kmind of kid who made honest working people do that type of work. When i played football at King's our coach told us to never leave anything on the shower floor becuase someones father had to clean it up.

Anonymous said...

What has the 'compasionate' Jewish faith community done to help this troubled woman.

I guess they'll leave it to the secular dehumanized liberal government solution.

Anonymous said...

The sentence was appropriate; she committed a hate crime. It wasn't the act itself but the content. Had she written AC/DC or Biggie Smalls on the synogogue, i am sure that the sentence would have been lighter. Nevertheless, it is a viscious paradox. Going to jail is unfortunately only going to embitter the girl more against the Jews. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless us Everyone!

Zen said...

I think they should give the same sentence to every graffitti asshole they catch.

Michelle HD said...

If she wanted house arrest she should have just imbezzled some money.

Anonymous said...

If she offended English, Welsh, or German in a mainstream protestant church, this would go unnoticed and never be a media event.

If the person was caught it would be some misdemeanor with a small fine (especially if black).

This political correctness is pure trash.

Tony Thomas said...

I am shocked and disturbed at the sympathy for this girl. I'd rather see her do more community service, but I'm fine with a prison sentence she will serve half of.

This is not about political correctness, it is about hate. People forget that white, Catholics, Protestants, etc are protected under hate crimes. The reason why we rarely hear about them is because they are much rarer and there is so much more ignorance and hatred targeted at minorities.

I don't see how it is seemingly acceptable for some of these commentors to think that spraying a synagogue with neo-nazi trash is something that is commonplace or that punishing someone for something as vile is "political-correctness".

Though I am sure that there are a reasonable number of people in this valley who wish they can return to the days when arrogant white people could go around terrorizing "faggots", "niggers", "dykes", and "Kikes". I have experienced many people who would love to go back to the days when white men held all the power and were free to abuse the minorities, no matter who they be.

Anonymous said...

I think grafitti artists whether they commit a hate crime or not should get NO JAIL TIME. Nope. Here's what you do. After you determine guilt, you place them for one week in a hospital. You administer a nerve blocking agent that will paralyze them from the neck down. You feed them once a day and clean them once a day. The rest of the time let them thirst and starve and shit and pee themselves. After one week you ask whether or not they would like the ability to use their arms and legs again. If they say yes, the terms and conditions would be that they not spray paint any building whatsoever. If they break that pledge, you impose the same one week arrangment for a month. That's how you stop this crap, hate crime, gang symbol or whatever.