Monday, December 08, 2008

We're expecting

Not having a dog has left a big hole in our lives. We weren't looking to get another dog soon but a series of events led us to this guy. Now for a name.
At first Lincoln seemed OK but it doesn't fit a Golden Retriever. Joe the Dog was also ruled out and all of my ideas have been shot down. Banquo from MacBeth, Barre after Isaac Barre and Durkee as in Maj. John Durkee, one of the founders of Wilkes-Barre. We have 2 weeks to come up with a name.


Chris Casey said...

Damn Gort, he's beautiful! Maybe you should call him "Blog!"

Then you could Blog about "Blog" the dog!

McGruff said...

A few come to mind

Beamer- it could have a couple meanings but mine is that obviously not looking for a dog there was something beaming about this dog that gave you direction to follow your series of events.

Gordie or Gortie- too obvious to explain

Thompson- another no brainer

Incubus- a little research, only you will get the meaning

Babe Elvis- because I do pay attention

Phil or Phirst- everything about that name is phantastic

Anonymous said...

I like to name pets after the detectives in the mystery novels that I read. So, how about Hamish after MC Beaton's Hamish Macbeth? Or, Roderick, after Ngaio Marsh's Roderick Alleyn?

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the comics - Opus, Calvin, Hobbs, Daisy, Dagwood, Phamtom, Flash, Lucy, and my favorite - Dilbert.

Not as refined as others, but fun.

Gort said...

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. I prefer a historical/polical name that ends in "y". Our last 2 dogs were Gorby and Humphrey and the cat's name is Ptolomey. I also had a cat named Indira Gandhi. Mrs G wants a cross reference to a cartoon like Humphrey the Bear. God help us, he may never get a name.

prsent said...

Gort, how about:

Danny Bauder said...

How about Leslie? As in Leslie King, AKA Gerald Ford.

Big Dan said...

How about: FLYER

Call him FLYER

Big Dan said...

I prefer a historical/polical name that ends in "y".


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... in one hell of a rocky year. in pass the buck.

And not name that ends in "Y" but I had a dog that we called D-O-G.

Keep us posted on the final choice.

Happy Holidays!

~ Sassy Fox

Anonymous said...

It came in a dream...Toby : ) lol

Have a great night!


Gort said...

We're on our way to pick him up. The name will be revealed later tonight or tomorrow. Along with some pictures.