Sunday, July 12, 2009

The All Star break

The Red Sox have a 3 game lead in the AL East with Tampa Bay and Toronto hanging around. The Dodgers are running away with the NL West but that usually doesn't usually translate into post-season success. You got to get hot at the end of September. The Phils look good. The starting pitchers have been outstanding the last week and they can score some runs. They have a 4 game lead over the Marlins and the Met's suck.


Anonymous said...

You are truly a biggoted Red Sox fan. Congratulations!!!!!!

Big Dan said...

Go Red Sox!

The Phillies signed Pedro Martinez, good move or bad move?

Why didn't they just call up Kyle Drabek?

I think Smoltz was a bad move, too. I don't like Smoltz at his age. They have Bucholz and others who are better than 40+ year old Smoltz.