Sunday, July 26, 2009

YouTube weekend

The Luzerne County GOP now has a YouTube page. There are 4 videos of the recent Lawn Party at the Westmoreland Club that I was unable to attend. They seem a bit overdressed for a "lawn party" and why is the action inside?

In this clip we we can see State Senator Lisa Baker and Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta singing a duet of "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights." Well, not really but we can always hope.


Anonymous said...

Jim Williams letter to editor 7/26/09


Rest in peace

Editor: In Memoriam:

The Lackawanna County Republican Party, age unknown, died this year due to complications from neglect and failure to thrive.

Born around a century ago, the party reached its zenith during the pre-FDR years of Republican majorities in the commonwealth. Though it shed some weight during subsequent decades, it continued to remain strong for the better part of the 20th century, achieving success in political contests to select mayors, county commissioners, and officials on the state and federal levels.

Sometime around the late 20th century, the county party contracted a mysterious illness that caused its members to work for and cut deals with opposing political groups, most particularly the Democratic Party.

High-ranking members, including the chairman, were frequently seen endorsing officials and candidates of the opposing party, and rarely did any party official exert any effort to bolster the party's own health by supporting individuals or ideals closer to its own constitution. This led to mass defections of otherwise promising candidates and supporters, which further endangered the party's long-term health.

Finally this year, the party succumbed to its self-inflicted wounds and passed on, taking its last breath after the "Concerned Republicans for Scranton" failed, for the second consecutive time, to offer any candidate in opposition in the Scranton mayoral race and instead excitedly endorsed the Democratic incumbent.

The extended family wishes to thank the four or five loyal Republicans who still backed Republican candidates and supported Republican ideals.

There are no survivors as the county returns to one-party rule.



Stephen Albert said...

Nice idea...the lawn party that is...but the Westmoreland Club? The place screams WASP. I'm not sure that having this event at a "stuffy, rich white folks club" will do much to expand the party base. Now I'm not suggesting Taco Bell either, but maybe a venue that doesn't seem so exclusive.

Austin said...

It would be great to see the Democrats put up videos of a meeting from somewhere working class families can afford.