Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Savo pizza and a coke

Remember that Barry Stankus lost the election because he was squeezing a few oranges at the Sunshine Market.

Illegal drugs found in two sheriff’s vehicles

Feds launch probe of Luzerne County sheriff

So drugs were found in two sheriffs’ vehicles which will probably not amount to much. According to Luzerne County Mike Savokinas it happens all the time.

The Yonk lists all the other problems with his leadership of the office:

1. TRAIN-When Savokinas first took office, it took reporters dogged questions before the Sheriff admitted that he was still working for the railroad, in effect double dipping. A furor erupted and the Sheriff took a leave from the choo choo job.

2. HEROIN-Savokinas admitted to WILK talk show host that he had 7 bags of the drug stashed in his office for safe keeping. The chain of evidence implications in this admission are breath taking.

3. TIME CARD-Savokinas has been widely criticized for letting his office procedures go amuck when it came to keeping track of his people’s vacation and personal time.

4. GUARNARI-The Sheriff’s top deputy was not in the office for a few weeks and there was no record of vacation time. Guarnari who was interviewed by WBRE’s Joe Holden was not happy with the line of questioning and lunged at the reporter’s microphone.

All sorts of accusations have come out in the comments on the CV article that I will cherry pick. Since Mr. Savokinas has a habit of suing people I want to emphasize that these are not the opinion of Gort42 nor do I attest to the veracity of the accusations. But they are interesting.

From the CV Comments:

-I don't understand what the fuss is all about. I routinely find cocaine and heroin on the floor of my car when I unlock the door. Doesn't everyone?

-Lohman is not the only crooked cop that Savokinas is involved with there are many. maybe the FBI should look into that. Just go to the Scranton Police they will give you some background on one of them. Mental and criminal.

-I'm amazed at how this newspaper permits blatant allegations of criminal behavior to be published along with peoples' names without any corroboration - this is a lawsuit waiting to be filed.

-how long can the DA cover up the crime at the xmas party at savos pizza place. everyone in town knows about savo covering up what lohman did. some things in the small town never change.

-X'Mas, We can add that party to the list as well, but there was an incident a few years back and of course it was swept under the rug because of him being in law enforcement.

-Are you referring to a party around Xmas?? his restaurant??? I heard a lot of rumors on Main St. Pittston, but seems everything was swept under the rug......if the rumors turn out to be true, and the FBI can get some answers, there will be a LOT of folks in some BIG trouble (another rumor was that county detectives weree aware of this incident).... I hope it comes out so we can continue to knock down the blue wall

-Its a real shame that people are so blind to this. So many people in Pittston Twp. where Savokinas is from knows this stuff about him, but noone comes forward because they are afraid of his frivilous lawsuits and threats. He has relations in law enforcement and the courthouse to protect him again. Wake up people put a tail on him you will see alot more!

-If someone wants to know why to cocain was in 'his vechile", maybe they should ask the Pittston Twp. Police about the incident a few years back.....

-maybe if they searched his residence they would find an extensive collection of Grateful Dead albums and tie dyed t-shirts.

-Savokinas,Guarneri and Lohman are all personal friends.Each one of them has testified for the other two at lawsuit proceedings.

Savokinas was on WILK yesterday and you can listen to it '>here.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Savokinas was set-up by the former Police Chief of Avoca. You probably don't have the balls to publish this comment.

Mean Old Man said...

I had the pleasure of listening to Sheriff Savokinas on the ol' teardrop radio the other day. The overzealous Gorilla Corbett was behaving like a little kitten. Just goes to show you that we have a great Sheriff in our county, reminds me of Gary Cooper in High Noon. I pray that the Obama justice department doesn't railroad him the way they railroaded Mr. Ciavarella and Mr. Conahan.

Big Dan said...

You know what? For how much corruption we thought was going on all these years in Luzerne County hearing it through word of mouth, I think in reality it's beyond our wildest dreams. Is Luzerne County the most corrupt county in the United States? wtf??? It's never ending, daily there's some new story coming out of left field. Luzerne County govt is infested with RATS! There's never been any accountability. They don't even document things like vacations. It's absolutely off the charts unbelievable. And a lot of it has to do with "friends & family" hiring everyone.

Big Dan said...

There could be "friends & family" being paid and not even working there! For all we know! Christ almighty! There should be a law: NO RELATIVES! No matter how qualified - PERIOD! And the same with these friggin' school boards!


Big Dan said...

How about the part where the DA said the sheriff didn't notify her, and the sheriff said he notified the DA.

We just "forget about" that discrepancy? Isn't one of them definitely lying?