Friday, July 03, 2009


Quincy has had an allergic reaction to something which is common in Golden Retrievers. Trying to figure out what exactly is making him chew himself is difficult. At first I didn't pay much attention to his licking and chewing his hind quarters because dogs are dirt bags and they all do it but he really did a number on himself. We thought he was having a problem with his anal glands but the Vet checked them out and they are functioning properly. Some of the possibilities are his food or more likely a reaction to fungal spores, pollen, cat dander, weeds and grasses that he either inhales or soaks up through the skin. We are treating him with oral and topical antibiotics and he has to wear this ridiculous looking helmet until the irritation clears up. Plus we have to give him steroids as if a 8 month old puppy isn't hyper enough. After a few more days on the roids I will check to see if he can hit a baseball out of the park.

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Doglover said...

Dear Gort - As the owner of a Labrador Retriever with similar problems, we have used Benadryl for the itching. It works & calms them down. (On advice of vet) Please be careful of steroids-some have caused diabetes in dogs- my lab was recently diagnosed with diabetes (not from steroids) but in researching this issue, there have been more than a few instances with steroids. BTW - Quincy is adorable!