Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's about more than the kids

The Legal Intelligencer has a devastating story about the Juvie Brother's that details their misconduct that goes beyond the Cash for Kid's scandal saying that was just the tip of the iceberg and only the most blatant example of the corruption overseen by the two judges. In addition to Billy D'Elia former Judge Michael Conahan had a long history of links to organized crime figures. A lifelong friend of Conahan's, Tom Pendergast, said that he set him up with no show and delivery jobs that he was nervous about taking and walked away from the extra "work."

It also goes into the allegations of case fixing of auto accidents and tax assessment cases involving Bob Mericle. In addition, as The Legal first reported in March, multiple sources have said the federal government is investigating whether Luzerne County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Toole allegedly took a payment from Powell.

It also identifies Conahan's cousin Bill Sharkey as the "bagman" who would collect the "finder's fee" from local attorneys after a favorable judgement.

And former Controller Steve Flood was the object of Conahan's ire.

Flood, according to Stretton, attended a party after his election to the controller's office in 2001 with other political types. Conahan was there, Stretton said Flood had told him, and so was at least one prominent attorney from the area.

At one point, Conahan saw the attorney, Stretton said, relaying Flood's story.

"Conahan turned to the lawyer and said, 'Hey ... how about that $10,000 you owe me for the settlement last week,'" Stretton said Flood told him.

"That's what got him suspicious about these guys," Stretton said. "He walked out and, after that, they became adversaries."

Another source said Flood related the same story.

Four years later, in 2005, while Flood was running a re-election campaign, he and Stretton were sitting together when the phone rang.

Flood answered.

A prominent attorney from a major firm was on the other line.

"Conahan just called and said if we give one penny to your campaign, we'll never win another case in the county again," Stretton recalled the attorney telling Flood.


Anonymous said...

Bob Mericle was really taken care of

The Scranton Guardian said...

"Tip of the iceberg", I believe that to be true also and I can't wait for the other indictments.

Bob Casey is trying to have Martin Carlson replaced, Chris Casey is on the committe to recomend names to his brother Bob. Chris Casey worked in former U.S. Attorney Marino's office for years, I can't remember a person they indicted.

Martin Carlson should stay on the job until he finishes his job.

Anonymous said...

Martin Carlson should stay on the job until he finishes his job so true we dont need friends taking care of friends or paypacks