Friday, July 17, 2009

They're out to get me

Just before the 2007 election Mike Savokinas got some press with the age old claim that his signs were being stolen. The police were called and nothing became of it but it was a news story for a day or two. At the same time Sheriff Barry Stankus was getting beat up in the press because he had a part time job and failed to list it on his financial disclosure form. The timing of two events cast a cloud over Stankus and Savokinas won the election. After the election it was revealed that our new Sheriff was working on the railroad after he took office and has reportedly given that up.

Recently the FBI has been called in to investigate the discovery of drugs in 2 Sheriff's vehicles because DA Jackie MO punts every allegation of local wrongdoing by the political class. Savokinas said "It's not uncommon to find drugs in a police vehicle." The initial investigation of the incidents was bungled and will probably not amount to anything.

Now another drugs in the car incident has come to light and he almost blames his political enemies. The fact that the government is still locking up people for drug offenses for over 50 years and it has been ineffective in deterring drug use is another story.

CV: Luzerne County Sheriff Michael Savokinas won't "point fingers" or "name names," but he's convinced political enemies "planted" drugs in a department vehicle for the third time this year...

Savokinas said the recent drug discoveries also smack of a plot to destroy his reputation while he worked as a police officer in Avoca. Former Avoca police Chief Edward Lukowich pleaded no contest last year to criminal charges for spreading claims Savokinas sold drugs from his family's restaurant, Savo's, in Pittston.

TL: Though Savokinas did not implicate anyone, he said there were several confrontations with influential county figures who he said might want to see his reputation damaged.
“It could be a multitude of a couple different things … to force me out of office, to ruin my name so I never win another office politically. I don’t know why.” he said.
Specifically, he noted George “Nipper” Nowakowski, whom he defeated in what he termed a “bitter” 2007 Democratic primary race for his current office; former Republican Sheriff Barry Stankus, whom he beat in the general election; and Luzerne County Commissioner Chairwoman Maryanne Petrilla.

“From that point on, I got calls from Maryanne Petrilla,” he said. “She said, ‘You’re done politically,’ and from that point on, it’s been downhill ever since.”

Petrilla calls him a liar.

Maryann said she never made such a comment. “Obviously, he is not being truthful with the public at all, because there was never, ever a situation where I threatened to ruin Mr. Savokinas’ career.”

A comment on an earlier post about this subject:


You forgot to mention that Savokinas was set-up by the former Police Chief of Avoca. You probably don't have the balls to publish this comment.

Thanks for your input Mike.



This guy's more paranoid than Hitler, Stalin and Nixon combined!!

Anonymous said...

It may not be uncommon for there to be drugs in cop cars but not in PA County Sheriff Cars. Sheriff's in PA counties do not do investigations or make arrest(except for emergencies.) The Sheriff has no authority over local or state police. if anything deputies provide back up to the others. They are in charge of Sheriff sales and the transportation of prisoners.

Big Dan said...

"DA Jackie MO punts every allegation of local wrongdoing by the political class. "

Fantastic sidebar observation, gort. That is absolutely true, I don't think anyone has written it down before, until now.

Big Dan said...

So, what does she so, then? Isn't that a good question?

Big Dan said...

When you think about it, when Savokinas said he filed a report with Musto, and she said he didn't...why didn't she do something to him for lying? Or, at least, SOMEONE was lying there, right? What the....??? Is going on???

The Scranton Guardian said...

Why do you think that Savokinas is next on the list ???